Seat Leasing Cebu – We’re #1

When it comes to seat leasing Cebu, we’re #1 in the industry.  We have 4000+ seats across 4 locations:

  • Ayala ACC Tower, literally on TOP of Ayala and directly across from the Ayala PUJ (Jeepney) terminal – the main method of public transportation.  This facility is 1200+ seats in Cebu Business Park and honestly the most-sought over destination in Cebu.
  • GAGFA Tower – nestled next to the largest BPOs in the world, we have a full floor in this tower with 1000+ seats.  This facility has a solid reputation for having a huge number of agents flocking to it 24/7.
  • JDN Square – set back in a more “start-up” like mode, this facility has 1500+ seats and seems a little less BPO-like because its surrounded with ESL (English Second Language) schools and teach-centers.  What this means is a lot more “foreign” crowd with a nice courtyard and coffee-shop.
  • Onael Building – directly in the heart of Cebu, this 500 seat facility offers e office for hire solutions in Cebu. office for hire solutions in Cebu.

    xtreme convenience for a huge number of agents who don’t need to take extra jeepney rides to get to other BPO locations in Cebu.

Overall, we have selectively chosen areas in Cebu to make sure we’re #1 at seat leasing Cebu.  We provide 24/7 access to all our 100% exclusive/dedicated environments, meaning your operations run more effectively and efficiently.  You won’t need to worry about “poaching” from other employers on a “shared” floor with the BPO seat leasing model.  We maintain the best facilities so your operation runs smooth.  We invest in 24/7 IT tech and support, as well as the highest-quality fiber Internet lines, and the best locations for seat leasing Cebu.

We are absolutely confident that if you choose to work with us, your will have a lot less to worry about as you scale your operations and bring in the revenue you need to succeed.

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