Here are 5 simple steps to start your own call center

Looking to start your own calll center?

Having trouble finding suitable and decent space or a location that benefits both you and your employees?

Price tag on prime locations are too high?

well my dear reader look no more as we have it all for you. we are we are the Number 1 BPO solution. when it comes to starting your own center we are the best in the industry. here is a little introduction of who we are. has positioned itself to be the #1 BPO Solution, Call Center Office, Serviced Office and Seat Leasing option in Cebu, Philippines by providing our clients with the most highly experienced, dedicated employees coupled with our brand new PEZA accredited facilities that use only the fastest 100mbps+ FIBER OPTIC Internet Connections available at the most affordable prices around. All our facilities are brand new and highly professional. We use only the newest technology, highest quality equipment and office materials in all our business solutions.

now with all that being said here are a few simple steps on how to start your own call center.

Step one : go to and send us and email or give us a call to book an appointment for you to view our sites and different locations


Step two : site visiting – we will take you from one site to the other so you can decide which location and facility suits you best and meets your standards and needs.

Step 3 : pick out a site and give us a notice when you would like to start and how many seats you need. room specifications as to how you would want your office to look like.

Step 4 : Put down the a months deposit and wait for your office to be completed.




give us a call now and look for Amanda


or send us an email office for hire solutions in Cebu. office for hire solutions in Cebu.

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