Seat leasing has been the best option for businessmen these days across the country who are still trying to establish their own company here in the Philippines. It’s highly convenient and affordable for businesses that are still striving to get a bigger income in their specific field of business.

BPOSEATS.COM offers BPO service beyond just seat leasing

With over 4000 seats available in all across 4 branches within the heart of Cebu City. has positioned itself to be the #1 BPO Solution, Call Center Office, Serviced Office and Seat Leasing option in Cebu, Philippines. By providing our clients with the most highly experienced, dedicated employees. Plus delivering the best services available with the absolute best pricing in the Philippines. Primary seat-leasing-venues, we’re proud to say all our facilities are brand new and highly professional. We use only the newest technology, highest quality equipment and office materials in all our business solutions. It  has the lowest pricing in the Philippines for serviced offices and call center seat leasing.. Then it is coupled with the country’s fastest 100 mbps Fiber-Optic connections.

This is so far the biggest advantage a business can take from our BPO service and seat leasing in the Philippines. Since it offers lesser expense compared to building the company’s own facility. It also allows you to determine how many seats you are going to lease as well. Lastly, we offer very flexible terms. Availing the services of seat leasing at allows you to enjoy a full package privilege. Lastly, an all-in-one services are offered to you. It’s like a one stop shop for your business to thrive! will always ensure that you get the best offer out of everything. For more information about seat leasing, contact us anytime.

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