Selection is the process of choosing qualified individuals who are available to fill the positions in an organization and hiring is wherein you gather a pool of applicants suited for the said available positions. Recruitment, on the other hand is also one of the  core function of human resources management. It has always been a struggle for  employers to look for people who are qualified and suited for the job. The process had always been quite tedious and dragging because it requires a lot of review and taking into considerations all the applicants who applied for the job.


TRADITIONAL METHOD                                                     

Traditional recruitment usually relies on newspaper advertisements and/or recruitment agencies that gathers the pool of applicants, screens thousands of resumes to give you a list of applicants you needed for your job opening. This type of methods usually takes time in arranging, screening and setting up for an appointment. Finding talent in a market like this is really difficult and human resources officers have to try new methods of recruitment in order to find best possible candidates that suit their organizations.



THE #1 BPO seat leasing and services provider, had a brilliant idea to tweak the traditional hiring and recruitment process. They were able to find an innovative approach to make this process more dynamic and much easier than the cliche process of hiring and acquiring people. Instead of going through the hassle of posting, promoting, looking and advertising for people that would potentially fill up the void left by an employee who quit their job, you can now easily access our database and select thousand of video profiles from our list. From there on, you can tell us the applicants of your choice and we’ll schedule an interview for you in no time.

This new method is giving you less headache and more opportunities to choose a qualified applicants for your needs in the company and we’ll give you a limitless access to thousands of applicants for just one job. It’s the first and most innovative approach to hiring and recruitment. The fastest and easiest way to get a qualified pool of applicants. It’s an offer like no other! With just a click and you now  have a wide access to our thousands of videos and could potentially lead you to hiring the best employee you can have.


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