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Call centers usually run a small-campaign at the beginning. But as the demand rises, they need to run larger one to cope with the demand.

Get that ideal space for your BPO company. Campaigns are expanding and so should your office. Adequate space must be taken in order to accommodate all your employees. Finding an ideal space to put this new project altogether adds to hassle of running a BPO company.

Innovative trends in the industry continue to be developed and enhance how BPO operations are being executed. Seat leasing is among them and it’s taking the BPO industry by storm.

Several BPO companies chose seat leasing due to it’s flexibility and efficiency.

Not only does it save time but also cuts down on cost incurred by management on rental expense. Rental expenses and its associated costs are cut down as it saves saves both time and resources.  Savings are immense and can be set aside for impending needs.

Renting will now be a thing of the past.

Many companies are jumping in the bandwagon.

For low monthly rate per seat, lessees get to have more than just space. Price includes the facilities, equipment, space modifications, cleaning services, internet, equipment, technical support and even electricity.


All facilities are PEZA accredited.

Office spaces can be modified in size.

Separate rooms can be added also.

Flooring can be altered.

Wall paintings can be changed as well.

All of these with no extra cost added.


Blazing speeds of 100 mbps+ internet connection await our clients. Zero downtime is ensured to any company under our lease for we are serviced by two giant Internet providers in the country.

BPOSeats.com offers an all-in-one package mentioned above.


Fastest growing seat leasing service provider in all of Cebu.

Over 100 clients under our wing for many years now. And growing!

Avail of the 4, 000+ seats we have under our name.


Do not burden yourself from the many expenses of renting a commercial space on your own.

For a low price starting at $99 monthly per seat, get your money’s worth and give us a call now!


Larger Campaigns Deserve a BPOSeats Office

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