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Thinking About Opening Your Own Call Center Business?

One of the strongest industries in the Philippines is the outsourcing industry.

Business Process Outsourcing is a business model utilized by many companies by having a third-party provider perform non-primary business functions such as technical and back office support.

Currently, BPO jobs are getting more in demand. Many multinational companies have their customer service outsourced abroad.

Call centers can be seen almost everywhere in the country. There would be a call center operating right now somewhere in the Philippines. This is strongly noticeable in Manila, but other major cities are rapidly following suit.

Growth in the call center industry is very promising. BPO industry in Cebu is a major force and operations range from small-scale to gargantuan levels. BPO operations are undeniably dominating floor by floor in most buildings erected in Cebu Park Districts. The growth doesn’t seem to stop.


Points to Remember in Selecting an Ideal Space for Your Office:

Quality of the office space.

Equipment and facilities 

Adequate working space


This can have a substantial impact on the work setting.

But finding an outstanding place to settle your business can be challenging.

Renting a commercial space comes to mind when opening a business. But this option can be very tedious to make and a tad expensive. Seat leasing is an innovative option that’s becoming a trend in the BPO industry.

For a low monthly rate per seat; facilities, equipment, space modifications, cleaning services, internet, equipment, technical support and even electricity are provided for you.

This  all-in-one package is offered by BPOSeats.com.

We are the fastest growing seal leasing service provider in Cebu. With over 4 years in the business, our clients have enjoyed the best value for their money. We have over 4,000+ seats available spread across 4 sites around Metro Cebu.

Do not burden yourself from the many expenses of renting a commercial space on your own. For a low price starting at $99 monthly per seat, get your money’s worth and give us a call now!


Selecting an Ideal Space for Your Office

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