Apply for Call Center Job BPOSeats Style
Create an Online profile and get filmed for your resume


No experience is required as long as you have finished high school level.


Here at, fulfilling that dream job is innovative and fast! is the fastest growing BPO service provider in Cebu today. Job seekers can now get that job they want  in an innovative way!

A filmed interview is made for each applicant after creating their own online profile. The recorded video of their initial interview will be posted on our website where 100 clients have access over it. Multiple employers will be watching the videos posted and assess each application.With this technology, we help you choose your career path by allowing companies to view your filmed interview and giving you maximum options and opportunities.

Applications are used for present job hiring and also saved for future career opportunities right on our database. This process is quick, easy and saves time.


Here’s the process for the application:



Applicants will be provided a handout to write their basic info. The slip also contains information about the company and the process they will have to go through. Questions for the interview are also listed for them to prepare ahead of time.



After singing up, applicants will have to provide any valid ID. Documents proving their identity is needed to ensure authenticity. All documents shall be scanned and saved in our database. These documents will be integrated in their own profiles later on.



Creating an account is easy. All the applicant has to do is provide the necessary data about their personal information. This profile will also be checked by employers to assess their applications better.



After the online creation, we will give you enough time to prepare. Go through with the questions written in the form. You don’t need to memorize them, but just familiarize the questions.



Applicant will have to impress the employers by giving out the best and honest answers possible. Being confident also helps.  You only get one chance to prove to a potential employer why you’re the right candidate for the job.


After the interview, videos are subject for editing prior to uploading it on their own respective profiles. Once we get feedback from any of our clients, applicants will be contacted right away.


Simple and easy!


Start building your career at!

Apply for Call Center Job BPOSeats Style

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