BPOSeats.com is a cost-efficient seat leasing company in the Philippines. Currently, it stands as the leading seat leasing company in Cebu. Seat leasing is becoming a convenient option for any BPO company making a mark in the BPO industry. With over 4000+ seats leased in Cebu alone, we have proven that we are capable of providing excellent services.  Maximize the full potential of your business with us.


BPOSeats.com aims to provide start-up companies various BPO solutions. BPO companies who want to hire the right people for the job can utilize the recruitment services we offer.  BPOSeats.com’s Staffing and Recruitment Services offers BPO companies the next best recruitment solution to their hiring needs.


With BPOSeats.com, your solution to hiring the best people for your BPO company will be an easier task. Recently, a newly-launched Recruitment hub located in APM Mall has enabled companies to view filmed interviews and access profiles from numerous sourced applicants.


Over 900+ pool of applicants to choose from, waiting to be hired. An innovative process for gathering applicants’ data. Applications are available not just for present vacancies, but for future vacancies. So whenever your company lacks manpower, a client can access and scroll through their profiles and desired positions.


BPOSeats.com’s staff will set their appointments via Facebook or phone calls. After setting the appointment, applicants will drop by the office and create a profile for the website to give the clients better information about them. Any applicant which impresses the client will then be contacted and scheduled for another set of interview. If successfully hired, the applicants will be directly employed by the client. Overall, this creates a great platform not only for the applicants but also for BPO companies. An innovative recruitment process like this saves both time and resources for both parties involved.

Cost-efficient Recruitment Hub



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