Brand new approach in recruitment is slowly making it’s mark in the BPO industry. It’s the very first of it’s kind in Cebu. Obtaining a certified pool of applicants will be a fast and convenient method from now on. In just a single click of a button, you have opened an access to countless filmed interviews and applicants’ profiles. And ultimately, leading you to acquire the most capable and competent staff working for your company.


Recruitment and selection are the procedures of hiring certified personnel to fill the company’s job vacancies. Companies have been constantly battling to search for certified and fit individuals to work for them. Hiring the right people can be laborious and time consuming. Tedious procedures and long evaluations hamper this process.



Conventional recruitment heavily relies print ads. Oftentimes, companies can also let recruitment firms do the task for them. Sourcing of applicants is done by these agencies. Numerous applicants are screened through countless resumes received.


This kind of approaches typically takes some time in organizing. Setting up schedules and evaluating all applicants take some time before they yield actual hires. In a very competitive market like this, brand new approaches must be made in order to discover finest possible prospects that match their standards.



THE # 1 BPO seat leasing and providers, has an innovative approach to recruitment. Standard hiring and recruitment procedure are concepts they have fine-tuned. Developments on the field of technology has also made this ingenious solution come to life.

Companies can quickly gain access to our database and choose countless video profiles from our list. From there on, you can inform us the candidates of your option and we’ll arrange an interview for you in no time.

Employing individuals is made easier using this method. Company’s operations in running as campaign can run continuously.


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Brand New Approach in Recruitment


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