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BPOseats.com has been spending some time creating solutions for their client BPO companies with regards to Recruitment. BPOSeats.com understands the time-consuming pain of applicants not showing up on their set appointed date even for just an initial interview.

Another big task when starting up a BPO is to look for outstanding people to run the business. The growth of the company relies mainly on the quality of employees that the business hires.

With the traditional set up, the process is painstaking. Ads have to be ran, CVs have to be sorted and people have to be interviewed face to face.

Another way is to register to a job site, sort CVs, headhunt people and set up interviews.

Another option is to have an agency do the work, which may be less of a hassle. However, why not have the first look at the set of candidates that an agency presents?

With that, BPOSeats.com has recently opened their Recruitment Hub in APM Mall to introduce the unique recruitment process that potentially solves the recruitment hassle.

For applicants, showing up at the  BPOseats.com Recruitment and apply for potentially hundreds of jobs in a quick application process that will take only about 30 minutes to an hour at the most.




Applicants are professionally filmed and interviewed by highly trained HR officers as BPOSeats.com aims to provide filmed interviews as a great initial interview, giving an opportunity for the clients to assess their personality, communication skills, professionalism etc based on the basic introductory questions being asked.

Indeed, BPOSeats.com strives not only to be known as a provider of seat rentals or office spaces. BPOSeats.com also aims to help the Recruitment Industry here in the Philippines especially for BPO companies, as outsourcing is playing a big trend in the economy of this country.


Recruitment At It's Best Yet Here in the Philippines
BPOSeats.com APM BPO Recruiting Hub

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