Choosing the right company to be your business partner is the first step to success. Expand your ever-growing business and let BPOSeats help ease out your burden. You are in good hands with With the impending growth your company is experiencing, it is only rightful that you work with the best. Leasing options need not be expensive nor extensive. Choose an efficient and flexible partner in your leasing needs.  


Business process outsourcing continues to flourish in the Philippines. Annually, growth in the BPO industry has been showing a strong performance. Metro Cebu is the site for various call center offices. Several BPO firms abroad have brought their operations here in the country.  Over a hundred BPO and offshore companies have taken advantage of the excellent business environment in Cebu. Operational costs are only kept at a minimum. has got you all covered. Internet speeds run as fast as 100 mbps. Larger clients get customized office set-ups for their campaigns. Facilities that are not only top notch but also PEZA accredited. Equipment are constantly upgraded to yield higher customer satisfaction. Whether it be 5 seats or a thousand seats, we can accommodate according to your needs.


BPOSeats recently launched their Recruitment hub. Over 100 BPO companies are utilizing this innovative approach. Hiring the right people is now easier. Initial interviews are filmed and uploaded straight through the database. Clients have an exclusive access to the website. We are a one stop shop for all your seat leasing needs and more.


One of the crucial decisions you need to make for your business is its location. Accessibility is one of the key factors on how you attract talents for your business. For the expansion of your business, choose an ideal place for your company. Leasing services can be availed even with limited resources.

Choosing the Right Company

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