Leasing services offer more than 4, 000 seats.  Lease from 5 up to a thousand. BPOSeats.com offers seat leasing services to BPO companies. If you’re thinking about expanding your operations, you are going to need a new office for these campaigns. Start your business right by getting that ideal office space you need.  Start-up companies can confidently operate their business with a reliable partner.


Operating privately right in the comfort of their own office. Office space we offer are exclusive to the client only.. Separate spaces for the managers/top management can be made as well. Training rooms can be  added also just in case you need more extra room. All offices are well-lit, fully-air conditioned and fully-furnished. Computers are also provided.


Running a campaign in a call center is very hectic. BPO companies run a grueling operation. We make sure our 24/7 exclusive office spaces are more than capable to handle that. Facilities in all our four locations are PEZA accredited. All computers used in the office are brand new and well-maintained by our IT support system. Internet speeds run up to 100 mbps to ensure zero downtime for your business.


Locations can be found in major thoroughfares around Metro Cebu so you wouldn’t worry about accessibility. Renting a commercial space and bearing the many costs that comes with it can be a daunting task. But with seat leasing, many options can be availed. Leasing offers flexibility and efficiency for your business. Bills for electricity, internet, and even water are already part of the package. Save yourself from the hassle and make a smart choice.


For over 4 years and counting, the number of companies leasing with BPOSeats.com continues to grow. Leasing services need not be expensive or extensive. Take advantage of our affordable leasing packages. Make the right decision.  Choose to be part of an innovative company for your leasing needs. Be one of our highly valued clients now!  

Leasing Services

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