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BPOseats.com is the # 1 BPO Option, Call Center Workplace, Serviced Workplace and Seat Leasing choice in Cebu. Emphasis on EXCLUSIVE seat leasing and Call Center Workplace, as we do not lure our clients  in “shared” environments for our customers. Our prices is the most competitive choice in Cebu. Seat leasing options in BPOSeats are flexible and hassle-free.


Why choose BPOseats.com? Exclusivity for your offices is what makes our packages the ideal factor for your company.  Add to that the exceptional internet speeds we have in our facilities. Zero downtime can be expected as we have dual service providers for internet connectivity. Investing in one of our leasing packages can make a great deal for your business. BPO companies need to call them and inquire about their services right now. If you are in need of innovative BPO solutions and flexible leasing options, go for BPOSeats.


Seat leasing is a convenient way of having an office with all the facilities and amenities provided. Any BPO company in the Philippines should definitely look forward in going for this leasing option.  It’s the very best alternative for BPO business company here in the Philippines. Getting your office through seat leasing is simple, fast and affordable. 


Service Process Outsourcing is now a growing market in Cebu. Subcontracting business-related operations  through a third party provider is very common in the business world. Plenty of them are operated right here in Cebu. Companies utilizing this type of business model saves ton of money and resources. One primary issue that you need to handle is trying to find a location that would be appropriate and excellent for your company.


With over 4, 000 call center seats established in 4 years across Cebu, BPOSeats.com has definitely made a mark in the BPO Industry with their seat leasing services. Cebu has become home to some of the best english speaking agents BPO companies have.


Exclusivity for your Offices

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