BPOSeats.com Call Center Office For Lease Solutions in Cebu

For your leasing needs go for BPOSeats in setting up your own call center. BPOSeats.com is poised to become the best BPO Solution, Call Center Office, Serviced Office and Seat Leasing option in the Philippines. Having your own call center can start from 5 seats to 1, 000 seats. Our sites are spread across four different locations. If you think about setting up your BPO business it should be located in an accessible place. Location of our sites are very accessible for everyone, making it an ideal place for work.


Every client gets a custom-built office set-up. Seat leasing options are specified for every client. It’s a dynamic market out there so we come up with customization options. Needs of clients are met and continuously modified over time. We can cater to this by allowing you to have it custom-built. If the manager for the company decides have his/her office, we’ll make one. Additional rooms can be made to make room for your training sessions or conferences. What sets us apart from other seat leasing companies is our wide range of options for seat leasing services. Not only are they functional but also beneficial for the end-user. Several companies have stayed with us and we hope to serve more.


Office spaces have PEZA-accredited facilities.  Computer systems run the  fastest 100mbps+ FIBER OPTIC Internet connections in the country. Running a campaign inside your office is very essential to your operation that’s why we make sure you have the right tools. Growth and success of your company are what we have in mind.


Contracts for the lease can be extended. If business isn’t doing well for the client, then we can go our separate ways. Terms for the contracts are not fixed. Clients get to decide if they would wish to stay longer. Burdening the client to stay longer despite their desire to venture into other opportunities isn’t what we’re aiming to do. We part ways as soon as you decide to venture into other opportunities.


If you’re on the lookout for the best seat leasing services available out there today, look no further, BPOSeats.com has got you covered. Make the right decision by giving us a call now.


Price starts at $99 per seat! We make sure our clients get the best out of what they have paid for.


Custom-built Office Set-up

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