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As a leading seat leasing company, BPOSeats.com understands and creates a solution to the recruitment challenge when setting up a business. BPOSeats.com also understands that time is of the essence when setting up a business.

BPOSeats.com understands the pain and burden of having hire the best people for your company, especially when it needs a good kick for your company to jump into a good start. Meanwhile, the traditional recruitment process becomes a pain in the ass, with a mountain of resumes but you are unable to familiarize every interview with these applicants altogether.  Registering to a job site, sort CVs, headhunt people and set up for the next interviews is also another thing.

Fret not, BPOSeats.com solution to this recruitment challenge is here. Along with the advanced technology in this generation, recruitment can be taken up a notch. In BPOSeats.com, they do filmed interviews. What’s more is that applicants now get to create an online resume, a lot like creating an account in any social media outlets. Physical copies resumes piling up now become less of a problem to stock up in a shelf or cabinet. More than an applicant’s personal information, an applicant can input their government ID numbers, which will later reflect for our payroll services. For the main part which is the filmed interview, applicants are tasked to prepare for preset interview questions. These preset questions they get to prepare will help them give their best answers, boost their confidence. As soon as they are ready for interview, they are then set up with lights with cameras, ready to record.

A qualified recruitment professional evaluates the filmed interviews. Clients can sign up and easily access the database. Clients can view the filmed interviews and BPOSeats HR evaluations for each profile. Once the desired applicants are chosen, clients can request to schedule the interviews. Our recruitment team will arrange for the interviews to happen.

BPOSeats.com APM BPO Recruiting Hub
BPOSeats.com APM BPO Recruiting Hub

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