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Seat leasing services are plenty in Cebu but not everyone does great at doing it. BPO companies would wish to settle their businesses in the right kind of office. Working in a conducive and functional setting is a very beneficial for everyone.


Here in BPOSeats, we don’t just provide a bare space. We create an ideal work environment for your company to thrive on. BPOSeats is knowledgeable about how the BPO industry works. BPOSeats.com, we take it to the next level. BPOSeats is different from other companies. We take seat  leasing to another level. We are your one stop for all your leasing needs. Facilities and internet connection is readily prepared for you. Moving in fast can be done also if you wish to start operating right away.

Only the quality and efficient tools are provided for our clients. Delivering first rate service through this facilities is what we are hoping for.  investing the right facilities and equipment to deliver first rate service. The demand for high speed internet is immense. And so, we have ensured that our fiber optic internet is fast and reliable.


Facilities are PEZA accredited.  IT support is always on standby to assist you 24/7 in your operations.


Extensive contracts aren’t something we want our clients to worry about. Here at BPOSeats.com, we offer flexible terms for you. Extra space can be given to you if request to have more. Just in case your campaigns get larger and you need to expand.

Getting the right kind of office for your call center is what we do. Offices we provide are neat and professionally modified for our clients. Set up your office for a low monthly rate.  Price includes electricity, air conditioning, cleaning services, IT equipment, office modification and the internet.  

We would like to have as many clients as we can. Being your partner in this business, we will grow together and achieve more success along the way. Having you as one of our valuable clients will be a great pleasure.  


Join the fastest growing seat leasing provider in Cebu today.

Don’t bother burdening yourself from all the hassle of getting a space on your own. Seat leasing is highly recommendable. Join our roster of BPO companies enjoying the benefits of leasing a work space with us. Give us a call now!

Conducive and Functional Setting

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