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Several years ago, only a few BPO companies can be found in the city. Straightforward to the present, dozens upon dozens of call centers are popping out of nowhere. Extreme growth can be seen in the industry. Numerous job opportunities have been given to many Filipinos.

Philippines have become the most sought after country for settling a BPO company. The country remains a strong competitor in the BPO arena all over the world. In the Philippines, Manila and Cebu are two of the leading locations for BPO operations. Cebu is a great place to look for talented individuals. Universities and colleges have continuously produced a large crop of exceptionally talented individuals. Finding the right employee for your company wouldn’t a difficult task.  

Unprecedented growth is expected in the years to come. BPO companies will continue to expand and other foreign are setting up their own captive sites in the country as well. Cebu is one of the leading cities in the world in terms of business processing. Setting up a BPO company would definitely make a lot of money. Given the right amount of resources and  a talented pool of manpower, you’re on your way to massive profits. It would certainly help if you also get to work in an ideal work setting.

BPOSeats.com can assist you in creating that ideal work setting for your employees. Your company’s work space will be everything you need and more.

Leasing is a great alternative when it comes to acquiring a space for your own. Leasing offers a much wider option for start-up companies. Renting can be very expensive and loaded with other expenses. Keep your operating costs low by taking a lease now. If you’re looking for a good place to start your business BPOSeats is your guy!

With over 4, 000 seats spread across 4 locations around Metro Cebu, we are capable of providing the support you need in establishing your own BPO company.


Strong Competitor in the BPO Arena

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