Clients are always on the lookout to expand. Business will grow and they need bigger spaces to do this. When the business expands and their current number of seats just won’t be enough to cover the growing demand. More seats are needed for this expansion.


Running a campaign in your Business Process Outsourcing operation is a very serious matter. This is where the company earns money. Executing the operations properly is a crucial aspect of the business. Team leaders and their associates must need to work hand in hand to make sure they get the job right and deliver high performance. A predetermined number of seats is allocated for a campaign. Companies have taken more job demands which would require them to acquire more space and more equipment. More seats shall be needed to cope with the growing demand. Don’t fret! got you covered.


As a key player in the business, we have more than our 4000+ seats across 4 facilities, to our name. An innovative approach is done to entice our chosen market. Company’s goal is to deliver quality office space at a minimal cost. Hence, we look forward to maintaining a good working relationship with our clientele.


BPOSeats continue to grow together with our clients. Additional floor spaces are being planned as we go further in this business. BPOSeats is always on the lookout for additional buildings for our growing facilities. Despite being the largest seat leasing option in Cebu, only BPOSeats upgrade their services to deliver maximum satisfaction to its customers.


Maximizing the potential of your business is what we value as your business partner. Staying with us will be based on your terms and not ours. Length of your stay is dependent on your decision.

Many of our clients are also expanding. BPOseats continues to grow along with our clients. Long-term partnerships are what we are hoping to achieve with all our current and future clients. Clients no longer have to worry about maintaining the office space. We got them all covered.  If you work with us, long-term growth and success are guaranteed.

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