BPOSeats.com is a seat leasing company that aims to be Cebu’s no 1 seat leasing option. However, it also strives not just that, but to be more than a seat leasing option. The company aims to expand from seat leasing to recruitment, payroll etc, and other possible areas this company can get into.

Let’s face it. It can be a chaotic job, trying to find area for your workplace and lease the entire lot for an incredible price, not to mention the facilities and amenities that you have to acquire too, when starting out a BPO business.

There is a reason BPOSeats.com has been thriving for the past 4 years. BPOSeats.com has provide a thousand seats for any BPO company who wishes to rent, from call centers to ESL Training. On top of that, BPOSeats.com considers the location and its accessibility of these facilities, making it convenient for your future employees to work for, when your company grows later on.

With over 4, 000 seats spread out throughout 4 places around City Cebu, we can become your best assistance to your very own BPO business. BPOSeats.com can help you in developing the perfect work setting for your service. We provide seat leasing services that covers beyond the concept of simply letting a business utilize an area for work. In other words, BPOSeats.com hels you grow.


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