Cebu has plenty of call centers operating right now. Not many of them can afford getting a place on their own to settle their operations. Renting office buildings can be very costly for some. Start-up companies are hardly breaking even on their profits. Cost-cutting measures like seat leasing provides a cheaper alternative to cut down costs on acquiring a space for their company. But despite the low prices offered for seat leasing, quality of the office space are not substandard with BPOSeats.


BPO companies would wish to settle their businesses in the right kind of office. Office space setting is improved when it is done by BPOSeats. Office spaces being leased in BPOSeats offer clients a quality office space with all the latest equipment it needs to keep their operations running. Here in BPOSeats, we don’t just provide a bare space. Ideal work environments can be established by setting up offices suited tot the company’s image and ideal goals. Space customization is something we are an expert at. BPOSeats is knowledgeable about how the BPO industry works. takes it to the next level.


BPOSeats is different from other companies. We take seat leasing further by giving you more than just a bare space. Various BPO solutions and other supplemental services associated in running a BPO business are also available for our clients.  Facilities and internet connection is readily prepared for you. Moving in fast can be done also if you wish to start operating right away. Only the quality and efficient tools are provided for our clients.


BPOSeats aims to be the leader in seat leasing/call center office rentals in the country. In doing so, we have constantly upgraded our equipments. Steadfastly keeping our facilities in check and good condition also help us in achieving this goal. Investing the right facilities and equipment to deliver first rate service. The demand for high speed internet is immense. Most important of all, Internet connection at blazing speeds of 100mbps are readily available for our clients at no extra cost. Facilities are PEZA accredited.  IT support is always on standby to assist you 24/7 in your operations.

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