Call center companies taking up a rent worry about the extensive periods they have to endure. Taking up a rent requires a larger capital and a minimum of seven years have to be agreed upon prior to signing. These overbearing requirements can take so much toll on the end user. Agreements like this doesn’t make a good business decision.


Here at, we offer flexible terms for you. Extra space can be given to you if request to have more. Just in case your campaigns get larger and you need to expand. BPOseats looks after the welfare of your business. Take up a lease with us and let us guide you to the right direction. Offices we provide are neat and professionally modified for our clients. Set up your office for a low monthly rate.  Price includes electricity, air conditioning, cleaning services, IT equipment, office modification and the internet.


We would like to have as many clients as we can. Not only are we your leasing partner but also your business partner in general. Business in the BPO industry has never been this competitive. We cover all the spectrum in the BPO industry. We will gladly help you out in ways we know how. Succeeding in this type of business is achievable if your make us your partner. BPO solutions tailor-made for every specific client are available.


We go beyond seat leasing/call center office rentals. We will have everything set up for you to achieve greater heights in operating your call center business. Having you as one of our valuable clients will be a great pleasure. Join the fastest growing seat leasing provider in Cebu today. Don’t bother burdening yourself from all the hassle of getting a space on your own. Seat leasing is highly recommendable. Join our roster of BPO companies enjoying the benefits of leasing a work space with us. Give us a call now!

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