BPOSeats.com APM BPO Recruiting Hub

The Essence of Time in BPOSeats.com’s Recruitment Process

Time is extremely important for everybody. We know that  time is of the essence and no one actually wishes to invest it by walking around jeepneys all the time advertising job vacancies in your office. No applicant either would want to spend half the time trying to find the company’s location just for an initial interview, only to find out they didn’t make the cut thereafter.

At BPOSeats.com we actively endorse potential candidates for our clients. Just recently, BPOSeats.com built a recruitment hub in APM Shopping mall. Potential candidates are welcomed to continue to our recruitment center daily to go through our recruitment-flow.  Here’s how it works to obtain a BPO task with BPOSeats.com:

Applicants show up at our recruitment hub together with their resume/bio.
They digitally re-create their resume/bio.
We conduct a recorded interview.
We polish the applicants’ interview video for you. (but not too much)
Client companies who are actively hiring can see applicants’ BPOSeats.com video and profile then choose .

The best part of recruitment with BPOSeats.com is that it just takes a single interview for applicants to get 100 times better chances at getting hired. Basically, this suggests applicants will be investing less time on travelling and more time investing in companies planning to employ and for employers, less wasted time on personal interviews with applicants one-by-one!

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