Seat Leasing Services In 4 Different Locations is Cebu’s leading seat leasing business with over 4000 seats available across the city. has been created to provide companies with the services of a call centre office, office space, seat leasing, office hire, just to mention a few.
For over fours years, has positioned itself as the number one BPO solution in Cebu, Philippines. They are known in providing their clients with the most highly experienced and dedicated employees, coupled with a brand new PEZA accredited facilities that use only the fastest 100mpbs+ FIBER OPTIC internet connections which are available at the most available price around. Their facilities are brand new and highly professional, using only the newest technology, highest quality equipment and office materials in all their business solutions.

Seat leasing is the best cost-effective and economical way of putting up a BPO business with a workspace. Since we understand that most seat leasing companies will need top quality facilities, we offer top of the line services, including comfortable seat spaces, high-end computer technology and fast internet connection to get you starting.  Not only that, we now offer recruitment and staffing services where we can help the companies select the best talents from our pool of applicants.

With, we believe we can give the best assistance to any BPO company.  It is a great alternative wherein it helps the business and it’s company run smoothly. It ensures that the company is ready to work, with an instant office. Along with that, we offer many other services not mentioned, with the following:

-Customer service

-Inbound and outbound marketing

-Virtual assistance

-Graphic design

-Web Development

-Recruitment & Staffing

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