What $139 Per Month Does in Seat Leasing

Seat leasing is common trend utilized by many BPO companies. Having the BPO office that suits to your need is easy to get. Having limited resources should never be hindrance in getting a functional and decent work space. Affordable and efficient space for your new BPO office are available in BPOSeats.  Cebu has many leasing service providers yet only a few of them can give you value for your money. BPOSeats stands to be the best among them.

Leasing providers in Cebu offer spaces for your office space but none of them offer cost-efficiency. Once you are part of us, we will never hang you out to dry. Terms for your lease flexible. Opt to go out of your contract if you think our services are not excellent. But we highly doubt you won’t be able to do that. Getting the value for their money has always been a priority. Advanced facilities and fully furnished offices await for interested clients. Setting up a custom serviced office for your call center business has never been this easy. Run your campaigns confidently knowing you have a great back support for your growing business

Accessibility is key in finding your own office space. Facilities are located in Metro Cebu. Exclusive office setups with 24/7 operational capabilities. PEZA accredited facilities. Brand new computers are readily available for use. Server issues are immediately resolved by an IT support that’s always on standby. Excellent leasing services are never expensive in BPOSeats.com. Reasonable prices start at $139 per month. Realize your company’s full potential by bringing your company to greater heights. Various leasing options can also be availed so you can make the best out of your stay with us.  So whether it be 5 or even to 1000.

Businesses can start their campaigns right away. Many small-scale businesses have tried and tested this type of setup. Fortunately, it works for them! Bigger call centers companies have even considered leasing with us. An option like this is very suitable for small-scale business. Call centers have a fighting chance at making it big in the industry. As your company grows, more seats would be needed. Add more seats if needed and we’ll have it set up for you in no time. Flexible terms are made with seat leasing. Pay a low monthly rate for an excellent leasing service. In BPOSeats.com, clients are assured of a professional working environment. Please leave a comment below or leave a message in our ‘Contact Us’ section to know more about the advantages BPOSeats.com has to offer.



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