Seat Leasing As A Convenient Alternative For Call Center


Seat leasing and call center offices can be availed with BPOSeats. Once a client gets to move into their new space, they will be getting more than just a space. Offices spaces which are ready for use are readily given. Looks and size of your office space can be modified to suit the company’s needs. Several rooms can also be added or altered to ensure everyone gets the right amount of space to move around. has over 4 facilities operating throughout Metro Cebu. Over 4,000 seats are available for you to lease.

The prime locations include:

GAGFA Tower, Panagdait

JDN IT Square, AS Fortuna Mandaue

Ayala Center Cebu Tower (ACC Tower)

Block i1, IT Park, Lahug


Clients get to decide on how long they wish to stay in the facility after one month of stay. Flexibility is the main feature of our company as we keep down costs on your leasing. Clients will not be locked over long periods for their contracts. Campaigns change often and so we try to be as flexible for our clientele. Numerous BPO companies have expressed their interest in taking up lease using this type of arrangement. Expanding the business through is very beneficial for the lessee. Grow your company while keeping the costs of operations low. That is a testament to our committed service.


Our competitors would charge their clients a hefty amount for the lease without providing them so much. Taking up a lease in BPOSeats gives so much value on your hard earned money. Getting a lease with BPOSeats isn’t expensive and we won’t you charge you for other expenses.  In BPOSeats, we go beyond seat leasing. Give us a call today and we’ll be happy to hear from you! Call Center Office For Lease Solutions in Cebu Call Center Office For Lease Solutions in Cebu


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