An Ideal Platform For BPOs:’s Seat Leasing Service

BPOSeats provides a platform for small-scale to medium-sized BPO companies a great deal of leasing packages. Setting up your own office doesn’t have to be a difficult task anymore. There is a company out there who can provide the space you need for your office and more. Starting up your own call center is made easier with

Leasing can range from 5 seats up to a thousand. Offices spaces can be located in either 4 of our sites. All of them strategically located in all four locations around Metro Cebu. Accessibility wouldn’t be a problem.

Why Choose BPOSeats

  • We offer 100% exclusive for your service – get the personal privacy and center that allows your organization to grow! We don’t do “shared” environments. We provide 24/7 exclusive space for your company to grow.
  •  Rates consist of brand new computer systems, office chairs, cubicle setup with sound control, aircon, electricity, 24/7 IT Support and High-speed 100mpbs FIBER OPTIC internet connection (RISE and PLDT)
  • Discount rates offered as you scale your organization.

Clients will be assisted in moving into their new place. Offices spaces which are ready for use are readily given. Have your office space modified or personalized to your heart’s desire. Not only are our offices professional-looking but also very technically-advanced. Several rooms can also be added or altered to ensure everyone gets the right amount of space to move around.

Choose among the four facilities we have in Metro Cebu. Over 4,000 seats are available for you to lease. Hundreds of offices are available for leasing. Operate non-stop as our facilities are very capable 24/7.

Give us a call now and we’d be happy to hear from you. If you have plans to set up a call center in Cebu, contact to provide office space rental, call center office lease or solutions for your upcoming site or expansion of your company.

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