Call Center Businesses Impressed By Our Service covers all spectrum in the business of BPO, making sure you only have the fastest internet connection for your business. provides the fastest internet connection possible, with 100mbps from 3 different internet providers. Clients who avail of bigger set-ups are also likely to customize their office. With 5 prime locations strategically placed in Cebu City and 1 in Luzon, BPOSeats also makes sure your call center office will create less hassle for your future employees to arrive to. With accessible locations and PEZA accredited facilities, you can never go wrong.

Here are simply a few of the benefits from our call center office space solutions:

  • Internet already hooked up across redundant providers. We offer 100+ MBPS Fibr Optic connection. (Rise and PLDT ISP’s)
  • Our call center office for lease solutions are 24/7 exclusive, this means you have dedicated CPUs in your own private office.  We don’t do “shared” space.
  • We use only the newest technology, highest quality equipment and office materials in all our business solutions.
  • We many flexible options and will always deliver the best services available with the absolute best pricing in the Philippines.
  • We provide our clients with fully equipped stations at $130 seat per Month, already including: Brand new facilities and computers, Office chairs, Cubicle setup with sound control, Free use of Aircon, Free use of Electricity, 24/7 IT Support, 24/7 Security.

More than that, provides seat leasing and workplace. We are presently serving over 100+ customers. Within over 5 years, businesses have actually been impressed by the services we provide. We make our services versatile and problem-free as much as possible so they would continue buying from for our services.

We ensure you, we offer exactly what’s suitable for your service and offer you the kind of workplace you truly desire.

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