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Seat Leasing aims to provide better alternative for companies who wish to save from large capital outlays. With this option, outsourcing or business expansion can be enforced quicker and hassle free.

Why Lease from

  • High Quality Service: We are among the leading call center seat renting supplies in Cebu, Philippines.
  • Location: We lie at the heart of Cebu City, where various facilities like shopping centers, dining establishments, and commercial workplaces are located.
  • Expert Personnel: Highly experienced and professionally trained employees are ready to execute any BPO Industry need or company culture.
  • Rate: We offer thе bеѕt and most аffоrdаblе rates реr ѕtаtiоn per month; Nо lоng-tеrm commitments – оnе mоnth аdvаnсе рауmеnt; Nо dероѕitѕ; guаrаntееd 99.9% uр timе. can supply low expense workstation and seat leasing for as low as $130 each month. Our bundle consists the following features:

  • 24/7 IT Support
  • Cubicles
  • 100 MBPS FIBER OPTIC Internet Connection – RISE & PLDT
  •  Office Chairs
  • Conference Room
  • Free use of Electricity
  • 24/7 Security
  • Aircon
  •  Server Backup
  • 24/7 Access


  • Internet already hooked up across redundant providers. We offer 100+ MBPS Fibr Optic connection. (Rise and PLDT ISP’s)
  • Our call center office for lease solutions are 24/7 exclusive, this means you have dedicated CPUs in your own private office.  We don’t do “shared” space.
  • We use only the newest technology, highest quality equipment and office materials in all our business solutions.
  • We many flexible options and will always deliver the best services available with the absolute best pricing in the Philippines.
  • We provide our clients with fully equipped stations at $130 seat per Month, already including: Brand new facilities and computers, Office chairs, Cubicle setup with sound control, Free use of Aircon, Free use of Electricity, 24/7 IT Support, 24/7 Security.

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