The Demand For More Call Center Jobs and Hirings in Philippines.

In Cebu, call center agents have never been more in demand as now compared to years ago. BPO companies have been multiplying ever since and the demand grew since then.

In an article from Sunstar dated last May 3, 2017, call center has become the hottest job in Cebu. In the same article, it emphasizes how even though they might be the most in-demand workers, a lot of companies still face retention.

This retention is due to the fact that Cebuanos are still struggle with the night shift schedule. Naturally, our bodies are adapt to when the sun rises and sets. Night shift would mean an agent has to adapt to an entirely different schedule and routine. This is also due to the fact that contact centers operate 24/7 since majority of the clients are based abroad with wide time differences.

Now, smaller companies are competing with bigger companies for talent. The more experienced an agent is, the more opportunities he/she is most likely to get.

Despite all of this, the article explained that the BPO industry still remains as top job generator in Cebu and Cebu now being the 7th best outsourcing destinations in the world.

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