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Call Center Management: Training, Engagement & Motivation

Call Center companies are not just about putting up office spaces and looking for qualified applicants. They are also about finding people to manage the team. Managing requires a lot of work, both physically and emotionally.  It takes patience, understanding and wisdom to train agents under your supervision. But the question is, how do you promote healthy working environment in a BPO setting?

  • Hiring and Training Agents

Hiring agents shouldn’t be just about English proficiency and educational requirements. Personality tests are also valuable in assessing a candidate’s ability to handle customer interactions. Companies should also look after employee turnovers. This is a pain point for a lot of companies, but improving the culture and considering the feedback of the employees can change the way they view their work. At the same time, give the employees a good grasp of reality and let them know how tedious their jobs can be.

  • Motivating and Engaging Agents

As leaders, the goal is to establish productivity and unity within the team. At the same time, be capable of independent work. Finding out the agents’ strong points will also help and can be amplified by their leaders. There’s also that saying “How long a CSR stays with you – and whether they give their all at work – is directly influenced by their Supervisor.” Creating a coaching culture and offering incentives are the best ways you can give them a sense of fulfillment. Motivation stays alive and encourages them to perform the best of their abilities.

Meeting the demands of the job at the same time caring for their welfare and emotional state are what brings out the best people in a team. It will take a lot of work but creating goals together and maintaining a positive affirmation towards each other will surely improve the culture of a workplace.

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