Seat Leasing: Different Types of Office Spaces in Philippines.

While there are different types of spaces, seat leasing can be one of the best options you can get. For business owners, choosing a space to work is crucial to their business. It affects the culture, productivity and satisfaction of the people working within the company. A lot of times, when any applicant wants to apply for a company’s hiring, they consider the workplace and it’s location. It also helps them imagine what they could feel and look like when they work within that space.

In call center businesses, working spaces are common. There are commonly 3 different ways to acquire space for an office.

First, building from your own land.

When you own the property and build your office from there, it can save you a lot of money in the long run. This also gives you the freedom to build and design a space from scratch, from materials to the internal design. The cons? Maintenance will be shouldered entirely to you. Broken and other little fixes that happen overtime are unavoidable. Whether they are small or huge fixes is something you still have to pay attention to.

Second, co-working spaces.

This kind of space is common for start-ups who do not or cannot shed a lot of money to start. This kind of set-up is common for freelancers as well. Originating from offices in New York, co-working spaces gives you the benefit to start with a guaranteed affordable working space and a change of scenery.

Last but not the least, leasing seats.

This kind of set-up enables organizations to be provided with all the basic necessities to start. From the workstations, down to computers, conference rooms and an IT support. The good thing is leasing still offers you an affordable working space while being upgraded to the latest modern facilities every now and then. It also saves a lot of time having to deal with tons of paperwork and buying the needed furniture.

Thankfully, leasing companies are found in a lot of areas in the Philippines. One of them has branches in Cebu and Pampanga, and it is no other than

Their Benefits:

PEZA Accredited Facilities: now has over 10,000 seats across 6 locations in the Philippines, namely:

  • Ayala Center Cebu Tower, Cebu Business Park Ayala
  • JDN IT Square Center, AS Fortuna St. Banilad Mandaue
  • GAGFA Tower, Panagdait Mabolo
  • i1 Building, Cebu IT Park Lahug
  • eBloc Tower 4, Cebu IT Park Lahug
  • Marquee Mall, Clark Angeles Pampanga

Complete pre-set serviced workplace: Here at, all facilities are brand new and uses only the highest quality, new technology available.

  • Brand New Facilities and Computers
  • Office Chairs
  • Cubicle Setup with Sound Control
  • Aircon
  • 24/7 IT Support
  • 24/7 Security
  • Electricity
  • Dual 100MBPS Fibr Optic

Other services offered: Aside from seat leasing, we also offer other BPO services like Office Hire, VOIP Services, Recruitment & Staffing, Virtual Assistants, Payroll & Business Creation, Call Center Office for Lease and Office Space Rental.

To know more about us:

Mobile: +639 159 507 909
Email: Seat Leasing Stations in Cebu Seat Leasing Stations in Cebu

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