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One of the issues faced by the BPO industry is the increasing turnover rate of its employees. In 2013, statistics back this up with a reported 46% turnover rate that continues to spike up as of today. To address this issue, more often than the others, employers resort on; (1) Hiring headhunters to fill up with their mass hiring, (2) Improving the compensation package and (3) Offering bonuses for referrals, bonuses for staying up to 6 to 12 months.

Now, with BPOSeats, aside from the seat leasing services, we also address this issue by providing your recruitment needs with over a thousand applicants on our database. You could choose the talent that would mostly fit your standards.

Sourcing for an agent? Starting for a company and you are looking for back-office personnel to look for your paper works and administrative task? We have you covered.

Our recruitment team vigorously targets applicants that would suit your recruitment needs and what makes it more amazing is we wouldn’t charge it on your bill.

Availing on our services not only puts out the stress on your recruitment needs but also lighting up your financial expenditures as well. Expenses that build up on your alternative solutions might be used on other projects like improving your compensation plan, travel package for your best employees, utilities and more.

BPOSeats aims to be the top 1 seat leasing provider in the Philippines and one step to accomplish our goal is to give our clients the most competitive package they deserve.

So what are you stressing out for when we got your back not only on your recruitment needs but also to seat leasing services as well. This is only one facet of our package as offers flexibility and excellent service to any BPO company. So if a good deal in leasing is what you’re looking for, BPOSeats is the best place to start!

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