Our Excellent Partnership is More Than a Business

Our Excellent Partnership is More Than a Business

Committed to providing you with the right tools and customized solutions to disrupt business inefficiencies because our partnership is more than business.

Customized serviced office in Cebu & Pampanga Philippines

The core mission of BPOSeats is to provide flexibility and accountability to every business partner expanding their offshore business in the country.

Affordable serviced office ideal for your startup and growing BPO business in Cebu or Pampanga.

  • Ready-to-move-today so your team can quickly get started. Customizable office space based on your needs.
  • Each serviced office is complete with modern facilities such as computers with Windows 10 OS (operating system).
  • Comfortable table and chairs.
  • Air-conditioned facilities included with sound control.
  • 24/7 High-speed internet with triple ISP (Internet Service Provider) of 150 MBPS each, upgradeable to 1000 MBPS too to ensure no downtime.
  • 24/7 IT and admin support for your team’s technical support.
  • Huge parking area and proximity to shops like food, coffee, department stores, and access to transportation.

BPOseats.com currently has over 120 clients from Australia, the UK, Russia, Japan, and Korea.

Our clients recognize we do business with the heart.

We offer customized serviced offices and offer more options to suit your company’s goal.

Full-time talent support for your business

Through applybpo.com, you can search for full-time talent on the online platform for free.

Also, it allows your offshore business to post job vacancies without charges.

Get quick access to diverse talents from the country through their online CVs and recorded answers to some common Human Resources questions.

At a glance, you can pre-select which candidate you’ll pick for further evaluation without face-to-face interaction.

For health and safety reasons, we encourage both parties to conduct a virtual meeting for the next stage of your hiring process.

BPOSeats.com ensures that when we are looking for talent, we want to make sure that we select the best one for you.

An exceptional and resourceful employee who isn’t afraid to ask questions so they can offer more value to the table.

Thus, reducing operational costs and scaling faster.

BPOSeats time-tracker for your team

BPOSeats time-tracker for your team

For your business and growing team convenience, BPOSeats.com has designed a unique time-tracker to help measure the team’s productivity in the office.

Team leaders can assign tasks to each member so everyone knows their roles and priorities.

Get to know more features of the time tracker here.

More from BPOSeats business partnership excellence

BPOSeats.com has been working with its trusted partners– software developers, web designers, digital marketers, quality analysts, among others to develop a Tech that soon helps your offshore business.

Soon to offer customized solutions for all your business needs.

From hiring global talents from emerging counties in Asia and Africa to project management goals, you can now leverage a powerful tool that offers flexibility, diversity, and accountability.

Our core values to our growing business partnership excellence.

BPOSeats unique technology offers the ultimate solution for your offshore solution.

Track the progress of your project, communicate with your talents, and record-keeping tools for accountability.

Everything is beautifully done in one tech ~ Right, you only need ONE.

Coming soon!


These are quite a few reasons our growing business partners have stayed with us for a long time.

From startup to growing offshore companies expanding their customer service solution in the Philippines.

Providing convenience for your serviced office in Cebu and Pampanga so your team will have immediate access to our modern facilities at cost-effective rates.

Plus get exclusive access to the Tech—BPOSeats.com innovative solutions to respond to our ever-changing times.

So let’s collaborate for a more productive and efficient business solution.

BPOSeats online tools continue to improve their capabilities so we both achieve our greatness in time and resources.

We offer you this because our excellent partnership is more than a business.  

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