Affordable Seat Cost in Cebu for your BPO Office Needs

How Much a Seat Costs for Your BPO Office in the Philippines

Find out how you can take advantage of affordable seat rental in Cebu for your start-up, project-based, and or expanding BPO operations in the country.

Depending on a location, BPOSeats seat leasing services in the Philippines help your business save more costs in creating your office than doing it yourself!

With seven (7) locations in the country: Pampanga, Cebu City, and Mandaue, you can now accommodate your business needs whether a startup or growing enterprise, as our seats offered are flexible and customizable. 

Affordable seats in Cebu start at $130.00 – $219.00 and you will get more for less!

📌Modern computers with Windows 10 (OS) authorized operating system included.

📌Comfortable desks and ergonomic chairs to support your staff.

📌High-speed internet access – triple 150 MBPS plus expandable to 1GIG Fiber optic

📌Central air conditioning and elevator access. 

📌Free electricity and free water.

📌Free dedicated drawers for your business and employees.

📌Storage room, meeting room, lobby, and clinic included.

📌Customizable office according to your personal and corporate needs.

📌Exclusive office space, no one will use your office other than your business!

📌Exclusive PC configuration, dedicated network, ISP, and firewall to ensure data protection.

📌24/7 IT and administrative support.

📌Free daily professional cleaning.

📌24/7 CCTV, Health check, and personnel security on duty

📌A huge parking lot.

📌Access to public and private transport.

📌Access to convenience stores, cafes, shopping centers, and restaurants.

📌A month-to-month agreement is available.

Why your BPO solutions must tap into affordable seat leasing in Cebu?

Affordable Seat Cost in Cebu for your BPO Office

Setting up your office on your own by renting a bare facility or a conventional one is perhaps one of your first considerations. 

Your challenge in choosing a conventional office doesn’t end when you get that space. Because you still have to do the furnishings, install light and water, CCTV, get office equipment, call several suppliers for your Internet connection your employees needed, and so on. 

But if you a startup, taking this time-consuming step could harm your business. Especially if you’re still trying to get things around and test the waters, so your business plans could change at any moment.

That’s why most startups and even growing enterprises in outsourcing nowadays are tapping into various cost-effective Cebu’s seat leasing services. 

This way, they get to start quickly, saving more time and resources, and then move anytime than you want to because we do not tie you into long-term contracts.

And BPOSeats offers monthly agreements as we want to offer you flexibility in doing business in the country. 

Your tailored- fit office space solutions at a lower seat cost in the province

Affordable Seat Cost in Cebu for your BPO office

A physical business office is still the most preferred for most companies as it strengthens your business relationship with others.

Hence, this is a perfect time to move in with BPOSeats if you wish to continue serving your target customers. 

We can host your business from 4 to 1800 seats so you won’t have any worries giving your business and talents convenient office space in the key cities of the Philippines. 

Also, by providing your employees with all the resources and facilities they need, it will be easier for them to perform the expected task and get inspired to come to your office every day. 

As we want everyone in the facilities to have everything they need, BPOSeats offers you its personalized solutions. 

And we will provide you the most important resources you need so you can soon sell your product or service offered. 

Tell us about your special business requirements and we are delighted to offer our exclusive services.

Your startup BPO company leverages on seat rental options

BPOSeats supports emerging companies that expand their outsourcing operation to the Philippines. We welcome your business and your talents even if you want to start with 4, 6, 8, 10, 15, or 20 people. 

Project-based campaigns can also tap into BPOSeats’ leasing services.

Easily add more seats for your our growing teams

Only one bill for all seat costs in BPOSeats seat leasing services

And as you develop your business and want to increase the number of employees, then let us know at any time and we’re happy to add more seats. 

BPOSeats is further expanding its facilities to seven locations to meet the increasing demand for offices in the Philippines. 

So every time you want to expand your business to other parts of the country, you will always have someone, a local ally to help you offer you affordable and exclusive seat leasing services to your company.

Only one bill for all low cost seats in Cebu

Affordable Seat Cost in Cebu for your BPO office

BPOSeats seat rental services want to streamline your outsourcing activity and to give you more time making business plans instead of thinking so much about your many bills in the mail. 

Thus, our exclusive services unify your monthly invoices into one. 

No more worries about disconnections for different suppliers since we provide you with everything you need, so you just have to pay one statement bill every due date.

Free local business permit assistance for your business

BPOSeats manages the local business permit requirements for its valued business partners, so you don’t have to spend any more time queueing at different agencies to get a Mayor’s permit in the place of your business. 

Free recruitment service from

BPOSeats has helped its clients acquire different talents for free using our Job Board:

What? Are we serious? 

Very serious.

BPOSeats has helped its clients acquire different talents for free using our Job Board:

Tell us what specific requirements you need for a candidate and we will publish it free of charge on our online platform. 

Now, you don’t have to publish a job anywhere that requires paying for something, and you’re not even sure that someone is applying for that position.

Free expert legal advice

Free expert legal advice included on the affordable seat cost

Business in the Philippines has its advantages and complications.

One of its advantages is its affordability on the cost of labor and infrastructure. 

Also, Filipino talents are known for their ability to adapt to any culture and high level of education. They also have a neutral accent on the English language and are very familiar with Western and Asian cultures. 

Not to mention that they are one of the most hardworking employees, loyal to their bosses, and simply easy to work with.

On the other hand, the country’s labor law implements a stricter mandate for private and foreign companies that employ Filipino talents to protect their rights and privileges.

You need to do some research on legal issues that may impede your business because you have just fired a Filipino talent without notice!

So, appropriate documentation for each chosen employee, from hiring to boarding, must take place properly. 

Performance evaluation, disciplinary action, and government-mandated benefits must be followed.

So that every time a government agency examines the place of your business, you have substantial documents to present them.

Inaccuracies or deficiencies in the business and your employee profile may result in a monetary sanction or penalty. 

And BPOSeats understands the hassle of managing the paperwork of your company and your talents.

Preparing a contract or termination of employment for both parties is one of our expertise.

Now, you don’t have to hire someone else for your legal help once you tap into BPOSeats’ seat leasing services. 


Cebu’s affordable seat leasing offers your business and talent a reliable, private, and functional office space that you can design according to your personal preferences. 

Compared to a conventional office that doesn’t allow you to quickly sell the product or service, BPOSeats’ seat leasing services offer you the opportunity to earn your profits in a tick!

With a multitude of options available in our seven locations, take advantage of our modern facilities for you to thrive and succeed in your outsourcing company. 

And now, you can give more time to the successful deliverables of your operation, as we handle the technical, clerical, and legal aspects of your BPO activity. 


What did our clients say?

“Great Company.  Graham and Amanda are very straight business partners to deal with.  Everything transparent and fair.  I have opened three Entities in the PH and worked for others also – you can’t go wrong with BPO seats.”

Certified Client: Tim Langan 1 August 2019

“Thanks to BPOSeats for helping me with my business while having a great time in the Philippines! You deserve 5 stars for your service!”

Certified  Client: Redsz Tgvcf 11/14/2019

“BPOSeats has good call center service, VOIP, and virtual assistants that helped upscale my business in the Philippines. I would really appreciate their reliable internet connection as well!”

Certified Client: Sash Vest 04/09/2020

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