Seat Leasing Top 20 Benefits in Cebu, Mandaue & Pampanga

Seat Leasing Top 20 Benefits in Cebu, Mandaue & Pampanga

These are the top 20 benefits of why your business should tap into seat leasing.

So you can efficiently manage your time and resources when expanding to Cebu, Mandaue and Pampanga in the Philippines.

Why seat leasing instead of a bare office?

Most outsourcing companies have leveraged the power of seat leasing services so they can quickly sell their products and services. 

And here are the top reasons your remote team should take advantage of seat leasing so you can continue to meet the needs of your target markets in no time!

1. Seat leasing allows to move-in today!

Your project, product, or service is now ready to shake the world of your target audience. 

And you think this is the right time to reveal them. So, you’re looking for a professional business office to help you build credibility and viability for your talents and business partners. 

But building your office from the ground takes another time and resources that you may not consider waiting forever.

That’s why seat leasing services are here to provide the comfort that you can even move in in just three days or fewer! 

2. Rental Seats allows business to quickly sell products/services 

Seat Leasing Top 20 Benefits in Cebu, Mandaue & Pampanga

Most leasing providers have equipped their facilities to be functional and furnished.

So you can set up your things and then sell your product or service on offer today! 

We call this plug-and-play setup that allows you to maintain your momentum in the hashing of your strategic business plans. 

Because it does not interrupt you with a long delay waiting for your contractors or third-party suppliers to complete your office. 

Seat rental is also ideal for your project campaigns, as you want your team to manage your time and resources well, considering the highest quality standards of your product or service offered.

3. Seat leasing does not require huge capital expenditures & time delay

You know how a traditional office (bare) costs you when you choose this way to get a corporate office in your selected location.

Since most owners don’t care how small or large the size of your office is, they would often require signing a long-term agreement more likely for six months to a year. 

And this can cost you enormous capital requirements and definitely not the best option for your startup or project campaigns. 

Some seat leasing companies allow flexible arrangements for most of the time.

At, you can even have a month-to-month contract with us. 

And as you continue to test the water, the power of seat leasing services is what you deserve!

4. No need to buy office furniture/ equipment

No need to buy office furniture/ equipment for seat leasing in Cebu and Pampanga

You don’t even have to buy anything unless you want to ask for something that our seat leasing service has not provided. 

So, what does it include office furniture and equipment? 

Here are some common of them: 

  • Laptop and brand new computers with powerful specs.
  • High-quality workstations, tables, and ergonomic chairs.
  • Storage room and dedicated drawers for your business and employees’ important documents and belongings. 
  • Spare parts and hardware accessories on request.

So, we guarantee you that your company can move in anytime as you wish because most seat leasing companies have provided these comforts and conveniences! 

5. No need to call for third-party suppliers

Setting up your business office itself involves an enormous amount of price bidding, meeting, and calling up with your third-party suppliers.

So you have access to other vital facilities you need. 

These are the installation of light and water, internet, VoIP, and or professional cleaning providers among others. 

But with the seat rental option, you no longer have to worry about these processes that take much of your time. 

At BPOSeats, we have installed the latest technologies and office equipment your business can use and benefit from in a click!

  • Includes air-conditioned rooms
  • High-speed reliable Internet
  • Free light and water, and 
  • Sound dampening carpet.
  • VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) service

6. 24/7 elevator access and generator backup

BPOSeats wants to make sure that your business and employees have near-zero online disruption, so we provide a 24/7 backup generator. 

And access to the elevator in every BPOSeats facility as we placed our business in high-end buildings and units. 

7. 24/7 CCTV and uniformed security personnel on duty

Your safety and security are our top priority. Hence, we have installed CCTV, RFID systems in your office and other community facilities to ensure the safety of your employees and businesses.

Also, uniformed security personnel on duty to monitor all our premises night and day. 

8. Only one-month deposit asked for seat leased and start selling now!

Seat leasing services allow you to have full control and flexibility of your resources to invest in other forms that offer you more in return. 

BPOSeats requires not two, but a one-month advance deposit only to secure our facilities and so you can start as soon as today!

9. You can customize your office and upgrade facilities

You can customize your office and upgrade facilities in seat leasing cebu

Flexibility in your office’s solutions means you can upgrade or downgrade as your personal or business needs change. 

At BPOSeats, you can request to customize your office and upgrade the facilities to meet your business demand.

This includes, but is not limited to, updating your PC specifications and or higher MBPS internet connection. 

BPOSeats offers a triple Internet connection of 150 MBPS that you can upgrade to 1 GIG fiber optics on request. 

10. 24/7 exclusive and dedicated access to your teams in Cebu & Pampanga

BPOSeats does not allow others to use your seats even after your employees’ shift. Hence, only your business campaign can have exclusive access to your office. 

We do this to protect your business and talents from data privacy theft or abuse.

11. 24/7 expert IT and admin support

This means your business and employees have 24/7 technical and administrative support.

Thus, you don’t need to call other qualified professionals to fix your computers, lighting, water leaks, or air conditioning malfunctions. 

As the owner of our facilities, we are the best person to fix any abnormalities. 

Send a quick message to our team and will be in your office to offer their help on your technical or administrative needs.

12. You can operate business round the clock

Seat leasing allows you to operate 24 hours a day because your office to space is exclusive and dedicated to your commercial campaign only.

This way, it will be easier for you to thrive and scale your brand, as you can create a changing schedule with your employees to keep up with your increasing target market. 

And adapt and develop business relationships with others as it surrounds you by other business campaigns that you may have the potential to create other business projects or developments. 

13. Free use of facilities: pantry/conference room/ clinic/sleeping quarters

Inform us ahead when you’re planning to use our meeting room/ interview room, so we can prepare them for you.

14. Access to daily professional cleaning services

One of the most important things to observe in each professional office is cleanliness and order at all times.

But hiring another labor force to clean up office areas can only add headaches to your regular running costs. 

When you opt for seat rental services, you don’t have to spend any more pennies because BPOSeats offers professional daily cleaning services to all its valuable customers.  

 So you’re sure that your office/s is regularly maintained without you worrying about spending anything. 

15. 24/7 access to public & private transportation

seat leasing in cebu 24/7 access to public & private transportation

BPOSeats seven facilities in the country are in key areas where public and private transportation is available 24/7: 

  • I.T Park Lahug, Cebu City (3 sites)
  • Ayala Center Cebu, Ayala Business Park, Cebu City
  • Gagfa I.T. Tower Kasambagan, Cebu City
  • JDN Square I.T. Tower and Condominium, AS Fortuna Banilad Mandaue City Cebu
  • Marquee Mall, Angeles City, Pampanga, Central Manila

EXCLUSIVE ACCESS WITH BPOSeats Seat leasing Services: 

16. Free recruitment service only for seat leasing

The staff of BPOSeats is 90% Filipino, so we have access to a vast pool of talents in the country. 

We can post your vacancy free to our sites—, and you don’t have to pay any more on other online job platforms. 

17. Get access to local business permit requirements support

Doing business in a foreign country like the Philippines offers advantages and some inconveniences.

Since there are some difficult paper legal requirements that you have to submit to different local or national entities.

While the country is improving its efficiency in terms of the convenience of both local and foreign investors, some aspects of the country’s business operations may still take time. 

So, you don’t have to line up in a long queue and worry about the delay of your operation, as BPOSeats assist their clients to get their business permissions faster with the help of our trusted local partners. 

18. Access to expert legal advice to Philippine Labor Law

Our legal support to your company includes, but is not limited to:

  • The Philippine Labor Code Consultation
  • Binding Contracts of your Employees
  • Preparation of documents and notarial services, etc.

19. Easy access with its hands-on CEO

BPOSeats strives to provide all its customers with the most efficient and transparent business dealings.

It mandates our local staff to respond quickly to your requests, suggestions, or requests. 

Also, BPOSeats’ CEO Ms. Amanda Aworowa is in the office every day to monitor your needs and if the services fully support your requirements.

20. Exclusive access to the BPOSeats’ Tech!

BPOSeats works actively with Channel Info Tech Support, a company composed of diverse talents from Asia and Africa that develops innovative technology.

Aa software as a solution (SaaS) to drop work-related inefficiencies that most outsourcing companies have struggled with for years. 

From your human resources to project management, you can use this tech for free today when you choose seats only from

So, who can enjoy the benefit of seat leasing in Cebu, Mandaue and Pampanga?

  • Offshore/ Outsource Operations
  • Online Shopping
  • Shipping / Courier Companies
  • ESL business 
  • Real Estate Business
  • Virtual Assistant Business
  • Customer Service Providers ( includes our local banks/telcos companies)
  • Web/ app developers 


Seat leasing is therefore one of the most preferred options for most investors, as this option has proven to be the most effective way to minimize your capital and operating expenses. 

A reliable business office offers comfort and reliability to your employees and future business partners. 

And collaborating with BPOSeats to offer you our expertise and modern resources is an easy decision alternative to a traditional ~bare office space that delays your business plans. 

With the highest flexibility and accountability, BPOSeats’ is your #1 local business partner for your seat leasing needs in the country.

Now, are you willing to pour more time and resources into a traditional office that only delays your goal of earning your profit?

Reserve seats for your startup or growing team in Cebu or Pampanga NOW!


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