6 Best Facilities to Choose for Your Call Center Offices in Cebu

top office for call center in cebu and mandaue

Are you looking for the best facilities for your call center business in Cebu?

Then check out BPOSeats.com most recommended facilities for your BPO business here in the Queen City of the South

Living and investing outside Metro Manila is becoming more popular as most industries have taken a step forward to invest in provinces, especially when most Covid-19 cases are high in large cities. 

This could be true based on Colliers International’s recent survey in the first quarter of 2020: 

Colliers believes Cebu remains a preferred business destination outside Metro Manila due to its competitiveness in terms of manpower, infrastructure, and cost of doing business.

In Tholons’ 2019 survey of the 100 most attractive outsourcing sites in the world, Cebu ranked 12. Among Tholons’ criteria are the talent, infrastructure, and innovation.”

  • Six Best Facilities to Choose for Your Call Center Offices in Cebu

The best of both worlds

best call center location in cebu

So, if you’re planning to expand your business, either outsourcing or non-outsourcing, Cebu is one of the most recommended provinces to consider.

In tourism, Cebu certainly offers the best of both worlds. The province is surrounded by beautiful islands and islets to which you can travel for only an hour or two depending on the location of your business office. 

Mactan and Lapu-Lapu Island offer a glimpse of Cebu’s unique landscapes and white sandy beaches. And many Asian and Western cuisines complement your relaxing weekends. 

You can support locals

Support thriving local dive spots and businesses while enjoying your surfing and diving in Siquojor, Dumaguete, or Bohol. The usual sea travel time is 2-3 hours and the plane travel is about one hour. 

Get in touch with successful entrepreneurs collaborating with local professionals so you can do business with ease in the province. 

  • Six Best Facilities to Choose for Your Call Center Offices in Cebu

Ready-Made and Customizable Office Space

customizable call center office in cebu

And whether you’re a start-up or growing company, getting an office is one of your first steps for your talents to have a reliable business office to meet.

BPOSeats.com is a local business partner offering six facilities in Cebu that you can choose from when looking for professional business offices.

Located in key areas in the cities of Cebu and Mandaue, your company has all the access and opportunities to thrive with other expanding industries in the province. 

  • Six Best Facilities to Choose for Your Call Center Offices in Cebu

Choose your office: 

  1. JDN Square IT Center, Mandaue City
  2. Ayala Center Cebu, Cebu City
  3. eBloc Tower 4, IT Park Cebu City
  4. Central Bloc, IT Park, Cebu City
  5. I1 Building, IT Park Cebu City
  6. Marquee Mall, Angeles City Pampanga (outside Cebu)

Most Prefered BPOSeats’ services

  • Office Space Rental
  • Seat Leasing 
  • Call Center Office for Lease
  • Office Hire

You can move-in today

Move today with our office space solution so you can continue to serve your customers without interruption. 

Or you can customize your office and we build your design with our very own staff so that you don’t have to call another third-party provider that might cost you more time and money. 

Integrated communities to support each other

Grow your business and talent in our prosperous and resilient community in the province of Cebu. 

Leading BPO and contact centers choose to expand into this province. These include Concentrix, Teleperformance Philippines, Stellar, TDCX, Accenture, and  JP Morgan Chase Bank. 

ESL (English as Second Language) companies like QQ English, Tomas English Training Center, Linguage Inc., are also here.

IT Park is an ideal place to see where nature and towering buildings exist to complement each other. 

Your call center office in IT Park

Century-old trees along the pavements offer a shade of daylight and cleaner air to breathe. 

Lush greenery in vacant spaces and bunches of flowers you can gaze in many garden beds. 

Also, world-class hotels, shopping malls, restaurants, and affordable condominiums are circling up the six (6) top call center facilities of BPOSeats. com.

Public and private transport is available 24/7.

  • Six Best Facilities to Choose for Your Call Center Offices in Cebu

Access to diverse talents 

Cebu has since been one of the main destinations of higher education and employment opportunities from neighboring islands ever since. 

And the province’s industrial and manufacturing development has attracted several companies to move forward as it took advantage of the affordability of its skilled workforce.

Thus, the expansion of your business solution to Cebu is a sustainable approach to adopt when our economy is still affected. 

Access to BPOSeats’ Tech

And get exclusive access to the BPOSeats’ proprietary technology that your team can use to simplify your BPO organizational management.

This is one of the most important values that we can offer once you take advantage of our call center offices and seat leasing services. 

And by using our innovative technology, you will discover how using a powerful all-in-one system to manage your human resources and project management objectives can help you scale your business to other places. 

We are thrilled that you take advantage of BPOSeats tech beautifully crafted by our proven talents from Africa and the Philippines.  


exclusive call center office in cebu and pampanga

It all starts with your professional office while expanding your BPO solutions to Cebu Philippines.

BPOSeats prepares these modern facilities you need for your business and talent so that you can continue selling your products and services. 

Work with us as we make fast and reasonable decisions and develop affordable solutions. 

Choose your call center office now!

And be part of our growing and supportive community that continues to adapt, reinvent and fulfill the needs of our growing customers!

  • Six Best Facilities to Choose for Your Call Center Offices in Cebu

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