How Your Business Can Tap Into Affordable Seat Leasing in Cebu

How Your Business Can Tap Into Affordable Seat Leasing in Cebu

Do you want to invest in the Philippines for your BPO solutions? Then be one of the first to take advantage of the affordable seat leasing options in the country today in two major locations.

Discover how seat leasing in the province of Cebu and Pampanga can help upscale your outsourcing business ahead of time than renting a traditional office.

You can cut risks and huge capital investment

Seat leasing eliminates risks of exposure to certain losses if your business plans may change. As BPOSeats’ prices offer affordability and flexibility to your business needs and preferences.

We just need a month’s advance rental to ensure the property so you can start your commercial campaign easily. 

Therefore, it is always possible to move-in-e-out as soon as you can! Minimizing risks and huge capital investment especially if you are still testing waters.

The most flexible agreements of seat leasing Cebu & Pampanga

The most flexible agreements of seat leasing Cebu & Pampanga

At BPOSeats’ seat leasing services, you are not stuck in a 3-month, 12-month, or 5-year contract.

You have the most flexible agreements offered in our Cebu and Pampanga offices.

Since we want you to focus more on your time and resources to develop your corporate strategies, talents, and or profitability instead. BPOSeats arranges month-to-month agreements with the help of our legal partners to ensure our business smooth transactions. 

So, whether you are a startup or expanding, there are more options for Cebu’s seat leasing available for immediate support of your team in large office space solutions and modern technologies. 

Exclusive services from

Find below how can you leverage from BPOSeats’ exclusive seat services in Cebu and Pampanga.

  • Computers with authorized OS licenses (operating system) included and powerful specifications. Upgradeable to your request. 
  • Triple 150Mbps fiber optic internet included. Plus expandable to 1GIG per request.
  • Cubicle set up with a sound control system
  • Comfortable chairs and tables.
  • Air conditioning and central elevator. 
  • Water and electricity-free.
  • Meeting and pantry room included. 
  • 24/7 IT & Administrative Support
  • 24/7 CCTV & security Personnel on Duty
  • 24/7 Strict Health and Safety Protocols
  • 24/7 Exclusive and Dedicated Office ~ only your business will use the space
  • 24/7 Dedicated Network ~ for data security and privacy
  • 24/7 Building Access~ you can operate 24/7
  • Free Talent Acquisition Resource

Free talent acquisition resource for your seat leasing

A virtual meeting-~ Free talent acquisition resource for your seat leasing has partnered with to help candidates find their employers quickly and easily.

A job applicant uploads an app and records his/her own brief and honest answers to human resources common interview questions such as, “tell me about yourself”, ”what are your skills”, what makes you different among other candidates’, and so on.

Employers consider this the most convenient way to choose talent, as it does not require both parties to meet in person. A virtual meeting is now important to minimize the risk of contracting the virus. Also, strict lockdown and quarantines are imposed in some places.

So, ask us how and what we can BEST support your business.

Now choose your location and its equal price in the following table: 

Top location for seat leasing in Cebu and Pampanga


$130.00 per seat / up to 1300 seating capacity 


$140.00 per seat/ up to 1000 seating capacity


$2109.00 per seat/ up to 1200 seating capacity


$199.00 per seat/ up to 1500 seating capacity


$219.00 per seat/ up to 700 seating capacity


$189.00 per seat/ up to 800 seating capacity


$150.00 per seat/ up to 1800 seating capacity


The country’s King of seat leasing

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BPOSeats prides itself to be the top seat leasing provider in the country.

We have produced over 8,000 seats to our growing list of happy clients from the US, UK, South Korea, Japan, and Australia. 

With us, you have options to select your office in the country: Cebu, Mandaue, and Angeles City Pampanga.

Whether you’re a startup or growing BPO solutions, you can rent from 4-2000 seats right away. No need to buy and or bid different office equipment and furniture as we have them already prepared for you!

Difference of seat leasing and a traditional office

Difference of seat leasing and a traditional office

There is still plenty of traditional or bare office space providers in the country if you choose this laborious way to accommodate your business and employees.

However, if your operation may be affected in case of delay in the completion of your desired commercial office, you may wish to reconsider this crucial decision.

You might think seat leasing is more expensive than building your office out of nowhere. But the chance of losing your potential customers because of the delay of your deliverables can do more harm than good.  

A traditional office requires that you hire qualified workers and or look for an agency to facilitate the construction of the bare space. This involves enormous efforts, time, and capital expenditure that could have been used in other developments that offer immediate economic benefits in your business.

Investing in huge infrastructure offers little in return and even entails a huge amount of operating costs for its restructuring and maintenance. 

BPOSeats affordable seat leasing services in Cebu and Pampanga are ready, fully furnished, functional and customizable according to your request. We also help you to provide the right personnel to construct your desired office and design.

Therefore, renting seats for your business and talents are way even better and faster to accomplish your deliverables!

Seat Leasing: A sustainable business office model today

Seat Leasing: A sustainable business office model in Cebu today.

Realizing our vision of selling a product or service requires a paramount resource to sustain our business even in the short term.

A business office, furniture, and equipment, employees’ salaries and wages can cost an arm and leg these days.

We do not yet include regular updates and the maintenance of your equipment and facilities that may trigger more long-term operating costs. 

For this reason, seat leasing services help regulate the operating costs when setting up your BPO startup or growing business operations in the Philippines. 

You can rent modern equipment and facilities exclusive from in the most flexible arrangement. You business can avoid the trap of pouring your enormous time and resources into a traditional office space that does not allow you to quickly sell your product or service.

Above all, you can take advantage of the full potential of your business growth and opportunities since seat leasing services operate 24/7. 

Seat leasing for your start-up in Cebu

Seat leasing for your start-up in Cebu

Seat leasing provides you with immediate access to the services your business and employees need.

A huge office space, modern computers, and reliable internet connection are the most fundamental requirements to start your online business.

And we’ve prepared these services for you, so you can experience seamless transactions with your operations in the Philippines. 

Whether it is ESL, customer service, accounting, data processing, and other outsourced transactions, seat leasing in Cebu offers you this incredible opportunity to sell your product and service as quickly as possible. 

Now you can increase the list of your satisfied customers while keeping the loyal ones with the fastest speed of your customer service. 

Besides, a reliable office with modern technologies enables your BRAND to enhance its viability and credibility to your growing business partners and customers.

No one is undermining the physical presence of a commercial office. Because it is a stable place to identify your teams and their unique culture that reflects how you provide solutions for target users. 

But you don’t have to wait for months and probably more months before selling your products or services.

As BPOSeats seat rental services are now in your hands. We will help you achieve your project objectives ahead of your competitors!

Cebu’s seat leasing for your growing enterprises predesign business office space is just one call away so you can move in today!

Your growing company can now move-in quickly with our seat leasing options.

BPOSeats hosts from small to large teams (4-2000+), and we do this because we want to ensure the smooth transition from your operation wherever you are 24/7. 

A growing business follows the increasing number of employees. You want to make sure your team’s resources and productivity stays on top of the game when they move to a new office!

Once again, you don’t have to build from scratch when your business request for ongoing customer services is unstoppable. predesign business office space is just one call away so you can move in today!

Designing your office space

BPOSeats’ services allow full flexibility to your business office to make it more personal and comfortable for you and your employees. Design your office space according to your specific requirements. 

And as your team grows, consider renting larger office space from BPOSeats in seven (7) locations in the Philippines. 

The most important asset in your brand

Once a vision and now you’ve realized. We are honored to be a part of your milestone.

As we help your business grow and prosper in the country with office space solutions and modern technology, you now have infinite time to focus and enjoy the success of your business operations. 

Once a vision and now you’ve realized. We are honored to be a part of your milestone. 

We want you to continue this ingenuity and creativity because your various talents and clients depend on your leadership and expertise. 

You’re the most important asset in your business. Your passion and commitment to help change the lives of your employees and customers have created amazing opportunities in our country as well and in small communities.

And as you continue to adapt, innovate, and create solutions for your target audience, seat leasing services in Cebu and Pampanga are just within your reach!

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