Top 5 Reasons Why You Must Choose African Talents

In this article, we will examine more closely on what are the top five compelling reasons and values why you must hire top African talents for your remote workforce today.

The BPOSeats’ intelligent software solution is a product of effective innovation and collaboration from exceptional talents in Asia and Africa. 

African talents lead differently

Leading differently as they are one of the most important labor forces expected to contribute something good in their community.

And to become an advocate for education and the development of skills that will change the way of life of its young citizens.

“I believe there is so much that hasn’t been done yet in Africa, and it’s why we have always pushed ourselves to learn different technologies that would help us achieve different goals. – Samuel Mpwanyi, BPOSeats software developer in Africa

He continues, “That’s why there have been so many evolving start-ups in Africa and Uganda to be specific. “Companies have gained confidence in Africans given the different projects that have come through. Mine’s work day and night to always tap into opportunities.”

In general, diverse talent offers businesses with comprehensive skill sets and high- quality results in cost-effective strategies. 

African talents lead differently

And talents from emerging countries have proven to the world that they are extremely capable of delivering high-quality products and services to companies they have worked for.

And the have absolute passion to work on with different crafts or projects they believe can benefit both parties.

Now, get to know the TOP VALUES of proven African talents and why they should be your top choice for remote working today. 

1.Talents that speak up their minds

Whether right or wrong, top African talents speak up their minds. They don’t mind voicing their concerns about some issues that distract their attention.

They want to solve an issue right away when doors are open for comments and suggestions. 

This essential quality of transparency should be the guiding procedure for every company looking for talent. As communication for remote team may become illusive in rare occasions.

Also, African talents find exceptional motivation from their works through their innovative leaders. 

And because they would often speak their minds, they always offer something valuable to the table. 

2.They have 100% commitment for your project

  2.They have 100% commitment for your project

It doesn’t matter where your African talents live may be, they lead the way to the completion of your project. 

They have a 100% full commitment to collaborate with you until you reach remarkable success. As they want to be part of your greatness and they admire employers who have given them amazing opportunities to make a difference. 

3. Most Africans talents speak advanced Business English

Most Africans talents speak advanced Business English

This vast continent has continued to advance their skills in communication, as English is one of the official languages used in most business and regular contexts. 

So, there’s no doubt that your African talents can understand with your other remote teams as they unite in one language in your business.

4.They have passion to learn more and more

African talents have tremendous zeal to learn an array of skills and training related to their fields of interest.

One crucial element in every organizational structure when every team member is taking part to work on the success of the project goal. 

Africans are relentless in working and showing interest in the full potential of your business goals.

“I always have a feeling that I could have done ‘this’ better, so it’s an everyday thing to try to get better because I always can’t wait to have my ideas put to use.” Samuel continues. 

5. African talents are proud to see the results of their work

5. African talents are proud to see the results of their work

Samuel’s honest response when asked: Why should we hire you?

“Despite the money perspective, I feel it’s a great thing to contribute to a project and see your ideas come to life. “

Working with BPOseats personally has given me a chance to try things my way and I have been thrilled to have the team welcome the ideas.

Nothing is better than that.” Samuel declared.

Now, consider these top values when looking for your remote teams who will commit to your project’s success.

Your business goes global

As your business advances to greater heights, you definitely must harness the potential of diverse talents as they offer a wide array of opportunities and experiences to the greater goal of your business

This way, you’ll open up doors in different places as talents locations can be a good resource for the next potential target market. 

Finally, this time for Africa

If we continue doing the right things in Africa, we can create a very exciting and competitive global market here.” – Patrice Motsepe

Finally, this time for Africa!

Africa is a young country with so much to offer to the growing demand for industrialization.

Its booming tech hub is now a major player in the continent’s economy. 

While India and the Philippines have benefitted from the explosion of IT outsourcing demand in the USA and UK, Africa has become the big player in BPO for the global Francophone market.

The number of BPO companies in Morocco, Tunisia, Senegal, Mauritius, and Madagascar continues to skyrocket. In Morocco, the BPO market leader in Africa, the industry employs over 70,000 people. 

And in Madagascar, the number of BPOs have grown from just a handful in 2005 to 233 firms in 2018.

More BPOs are setting up shop on African soil for a variety of reasons. (Source: Smallstarter)

This is the ideal time to invest and believe in the people of Africa. 

Celebrating diversity

For a sustainable generation, diversity is widely promoted for most companies whether a startup or growing industries. 

To provide equal opportunities to people from emerging countries and thereby giving support to help improve their living standards and to make a difference in their community. 

And Africa will make it the leading destination for exploring unique opportunities with world-class talents and affordability at its best!

More from Samuel Mpwanyi

“Probably, the challenges in Africa. The biggest challenge is not education but rather creativity. While at the campus, I don’t remember having thought of finishing school than looking for a job because I always knew that people are always interested in candidates that have something to bring to the table.”

“So I challenged myself to put into use what I had been taught back then and that’s when I started with the Point of sale. I always noticed that people in business always wanted to know how their businesses were doing and at the time there were a few no systems that gave businessmen exactly that.”

“So I studied the existing systems and tried to fill up the gap. Funny thing, I didn’t have a client yet until after a year of trying to convince people to try to use my system but whoever I told I designed in myself, it was a no go before they even looked at it. I persisted until I landed my first client who was wowed by the solution I provided her with.”

“Since then, it has always been a great satisfaction for me to see people use my ideas. Trust is all we need and it’s a great thing that we now have a level of belief in what we can do.”


Sharing your greatness as an employer

Get inspired by these thriving African talents to rock your business in no time! 

And using the proprietary technology solutions of beautifully designed from talents in Africa, that offer flexibility and accountability to your company, this is your ideal time to make an impact on the life of these talents as your business becomes global.

Get inspired by these thriving African talents to rock your business in no time!

Because Africa is a vast continent with significant economic growth and investments in recent years.

In addition, its younger population now attracts thousands of opportunities in major industries that might include one of your business.

And you will pave the way for Samuel and other successful African talents, so they can create an impact on their community today and for the coming generation!

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