Top Reasons Why Pampanga Is Your Next Outsourcing Destination

Top Reasons Why Pampanga Is Your Next Outsourcing Destination

Are you looking at the province of Pampanga to be your next outsourcing destination in the Philippines? Please do so as this is one of the main reasons why this flourishing part of the country is now one of the leaders of the BPO industry.

Known as Kapampangan, the province of Pampanga gets some nicknames.

A promising homeland continues to elevate the spirit of this once futile province, but now emerges triumphant and now offers abundant opportunities for business and leisure for both locals and foreigners.

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1.The Location of Mount Pinatubo

This admirable community emerges as one of the most resistant people on earth after the aftermath brought by the Mt. Pinatubo 1991 volcanic eruption.

The eruption has created a beautiful disaster on this picturesque landscape.

BPO Seats exclusive Serviced Office in Pampanga

With its rich history and diversity today, everything has changed for the best for this small province.

Businesses and communities are flourishing with recent developments in the public and private sectors that have contributed to improving the living conditions of its people.

2. The Culinary Capital of the Philippines

Dubbed as the country’s culinary capital since, according to history, the Spanish trained the Kapampangans to cook delicious cuisines with secret ingredients.

This culture has gone from generation to generation, allowing the younger Kapampangan to taste these traditional dishes being kept for years. Sisig is one of the province’s special dishes.

3. Home of the Famous Giant Lanterns

BPO Business in Pampanga- Home of the Famous Giant Lanterns

As home to the famous giant lanterns, it has awarded the province the title ‘ Christmas Capital of the Philippines’.

Held every year in mid-December, the festival attracts residents and tourists to witness the greatness and creativity of the Kapampangan.

4.The former U.S. military airbase has become a free economic zone

Pampanga became an eyewitness to several major wars in the past when the United States had established its military bases in the country.

Today this huge airfield is being transformed into Clark International Airport and a prosperous economic hub that offers tax incentives to all investors.

5. The 99th City of the Republic of the Philippines (RA 8990)

On January 26, 2001, under RA 8990, the city of San Fernando became a component city of the province. This results from the collaborative efforts of the public and private sectors.

Attract local and international investors to help their local economy while the province continues to develop its population and infrastructure.

6. International Hot Air Balloon Annual Fiesta

Pampanga hosted the annual four-day event held every January and February in the Clark Freeport area.

It is considered being the largest and longest aviation sporting event in the country.

This colorful event began in 1994 with the inspiration of raising the spirits of its people whose many families and livelihood were ravaged by the Mt. Pinatubo eruption.

So, why do business in Pampanga Province?

7. Transport accessibility and massive real estate development in the works

 Transport accessibility and massive real estate development in the works

The accessibility of major road links in the neighboring provinces has made Pampanga profitable for both local and international investors.

Real estate has made enormous progress over the decades and has become a major catalyst for its economic growth and development. 

Clark Freeport and Special Economic Zone are further speeding up the massive increase in progress in the province.

According to Wikipedia, Clark is the hub for business, industry, aviation, education, and tourism in the Philippines. It is also the center of leisure, fitness, entertainment, and gaming industry in Central Luzon.

Just like the province of Cebu, Pampanga becomes one of the main outsourcing destinations in the Philippines. Since this province also hosts nearly 3M of diverse populations.

8. Ease of doing business~ Transparency and Tax exemption

The province of Pampanga boasts to offer transparent business dealings in all their business transactions.

Continuous improvement in the processing of local operating permits and other government-mandated regulations to help ensure the safety of all business activities.

Foreign companies chose to stay longer due to the province’s commitment to work with transparency and convenience.

9. Exceptional talents for your outsourcing needs

Pampanga has been offering its talents with various skills to manage its manufacturing, agriculture, and outsourcing industry.

The province of Pampanga is home to various talents who are actively working in different outsourcing companies.

Whether you’re starting your own business or expand, Pampanga is here to offer you the convenient cost of doing business and qualified talents to help you sell your product or service.

Pampanga has been offering its talents with various skills to manage its manufacturing, agriculture, and outsourcing industry.

10. It’s more affordable in doing business in Pampanga

In general, the Philippines offers a lower cost of infrastructure and human labor. Hence foreign companies are coming to the various provinces of the country.

And Pampanga is no exception to the economic accessibility of creating your startup or growing company. Yet, doing business in this province is way more affordable than in major areas in Manila, Quezon City, or Makati.

11. Tax exemption up to 4-8 years!

Where you can find a province offering startup business tax exemption for up to eight consecutive years when registering your business in the Clark Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA).

It is only in Pampanga, Philippines. That’s right!

The capital is the City of San Fernando. Angeles, while geographically within Pampanga, is classified as a first-class city, highly urbanized, and is governed independently of the province.

12. A safer environment for your outsourcing activities

According to data from the Pampanga Provincial Police Office (PPO), a report showed a massive fall in index crimes since January-June 2019.

  • Crime Index: 29.32 (low)
  • Safety Index: 60.68 (high)

The police and the community worked harmoniously to maintain peace and harmony as the province’s lifestyle progresses.


  • Land Area: 6,930 hectares (69.30
  • Income Classification: First Class Component City
  • Urban Expansion Area: 4,770
  • Population: 306,659 (2015 census)
  • Projected Population for the year 2019: 324,324
  • No. of Barangays: 35
  • No. of Households: 59,346 (2019-projected)
  • Financial Profile (2018)*
  • IRA Share: Php 705,278,759.00
  • Local-Sourced Revenues: Php 1,056,186,032.74
  • Total LGU Income: Php 1,764,298,544.66

*Statement of Receipts and Expenditures


  • Agricultural Ecosystem


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  • 8 seats – USD 1,200.00 a month


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Pampanga Province~ Your next outsourcing destination in the Philippines

Pampanga Province~ Your next outsourcing destination in the Philippines

Pampanga’s strategic location in Central Luzon has been held as the next big thing for some huge business campaigns.

Because unlike the areas of Manila, where heavy traffic is congested every day, the province of Pampanga still enjoys the ease of traveling through its interconnected superhighways.

Travel by bus, plane, taxi, or shuttle and enjoy the panoramic view of cities and the countryside.

A project by Pampanga Mass Transit System is in the works that will transform the accessibility and sustainability of its neighboring cities and provinces coming back and forth to Pampanga.

And as major bus lines pass through the province, you can’t be mistaken Pampanga is your next business and leisure destination in the Philippines.

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