More Benefits From Cebu Seat Leasing Exclusive

More Benefits From Cebu Seat Leasing Exclusive

Hence, more benefits from Cebu leading seat leasing provider exclusive as offers every outsourcing company golden opportunities to become more efficient in their time and resources. 

Because now you don’t have to rent expensive bare office space and various office equipment. has equipped every seat leased with all the most important requirements your employees and business needs as quickly as possible!

Gain more benefits and profits with less hassle and inconvenience

As your business now operates offshore, a common expectation at the beginning of your journey in the Philippines can be challenging.

Getting a local business permit and acquiring talent is just one procedure your team needs to take to legally conduct business in the country. 

But since you’ve taken advantage of the power of BPOSeats seating rental services, you’ve gained exclusive access to our added services. 

Because we are here to help you with the legal documentation requirements in your business license and the binding contracts of your business and talents.

BPOSeats has been helping its valued customers with these exclusive services, as we want to simplify our services for your seamless experience in doing business in the Philippines.

More Benefits From Cebu Seat Leasing Exclusive

This way you can focus on more important tasks and projects that target directly your profit!

You can quickly expand to other leading BPO hubs in the country with less hassle and inconvenience!

Free access to expert legal assistance for your business in Cebu

More Benefits From Cebu Seat Leasing Exclusive

The recruitment of Filipino talents can overwhelm as the Philippines’ government highly protects its citizens employed in private and foreign entities. 

And as an employer, you must maintain strict directives imposed by the different agencies of a local government unit where you placed your business. 

Failure to follow government documents that will be submitted within specified time limits may pose a severe penalty in your business activity. 

BPOSeats has its own legal counsel and a labor lawyer who will assist you on how to conduct your business in the Philippines with convenience. 

Get to know the Philippines Labor Code

A regular basic wage prescribed by the Philippine labor code is your guiding procedure in offering the expected salary of your chosen Filipino talent. 

Also, there are at least several mandatory benefits that the government has set for you to deduct part of your employee’s pay and to contribute your share as an employer of the organization. 

The amount of deduction per month depends on the employees’ salary bracket implemented by these different agencies. 

These are the SSS, PhilHealth, and Pag-ibig. 

Cebu’s seat leasing advantages and amazon of exclusive services’s amazon of services for your team in Cebu covers then handling of your talents and their social benefits required by the government.

This includes the SSS, PhilHealth, Pag-IBIG, HMO, BIR, Paid Leaves and Holidays, 13th Month Pay BIR Tax Filing, and legal documentation.

SSS (Social Security System) 

SSS More Benefits From Cebu Seat Leasing Exclusive

The SSS is a social security program in the country for workers in the private, professional, and informal sectors.

It provides financial support to qualified members in the event of death, maternity, permanent disability, retirement, and involuntary separation. 

Employees may also apply for a SSS loan if they have made the required contribution.

And SS requires each employer to pay such contributions and loan payments to the SSS office based on the due date. 

More Benefits From Cebu Seat Leasing Exclusive

PhilHealth (Philippines Insurance Corporation) 

Every active member of PhilHealth receives medical and financial help from public or private hospitals across the country.

And to continue to provide quality medical services to Filipinos, universal health coverage is being applied, creating an increase in the monthly employer-employee contribution. 

More Benefits From Cebu Seat Leasing Exclusive


The Pag-IBIG Fund is a public housing loan facility that entitles every Filipino citizen to enjoy affordable home financing of their choice. An active member may also avail himself of a salary loan, a calamity loan, and invest in the various assets offered. 

And as an employer, you are required to contribute the amount equal to your employee’s monthly contribution. 

HMO Benefit (Health Maintenance Organization) 

It is the primary responsibility of every company to provide adequate health insurance packages once an employee reaches the six-month probation period.

And when an employee resigns, his or her HMO benefit ceases until they opt to continue the payment. 

Paid Leaves & National Holidays

The Philippine work mandate allows each private employee to have at least fifteen (15) days of leave with pay per year. Unused leave credits can be monetized in the following calendar year. 

National holidays can be paid twice or prorated depending on whether you allow your employee to work on a holiday.

If so, and when an employee is working on a holiday, he is entitled to a bonus depending on the day a holiday falls.

  • Plus 30% of the daily basic rate or a total of 130% for work performed on a rest day or special day.
  • Plus 50% of the daily basic rate or a total of 150% for work performed on a special day falling on the employee’s rest day. 
  • Plus 30% of the daily basic rate or a total of 260% for work performed on a regular holiday falling on the employee’s rest day. (Source:

More Benefits From Cebu Seat Leasing Exclusive

The 13th MONTH PAY

A 13th-month pay is a mandatory benefit for all employees in the private sector regardless of their position.

Trainees and newly hired employees are also eligible to receive once they have rendered at least a month of service. 

Employees’ Tax Filing (BIR 2316) 

Form 2316 of the BIR is called Compensation Payment Certificate or Retired Income Tax in which each employer must provide a copy to his or her employee every January of the following year.

And you will provide the same completed form every time an employee resigns. 

Binding Contract of your team and easy onboarding own private legal practitioner specializes in the Philippine Labor Code that you can rely on legal matters. 

From the selection to the on-board process, we prepare legal documents for both parties so that you can begin the legal acquisition of Filipino talents.

And to create a harmonious employer-employee relationship, we will guide you throughout the process to protect the privileges and responsibilities of both parties from any harm that might affect your business and/or talents.

Your expert legal advice is exclusive from BPOSeats. 

More Benefits From Cebu Seat Leasing Exclusive

Access to a pool of diverse talents from Cebu to the world

Get access to a global pool of diverse talents from Cebu to the world

BPOSeats has been at the forefront of creating technology that will improve business inefficiencies such as hiring talents in a traditional way. 

Access our vast pool of diverse talents in Asia and Africa through our #1 Job Board for free.

This is an online service where you can look for a specialized skill to add to your team by looking at their online resume on the platform. 

Candidates provide their online educational credentials and answer at least 10 predefined questions about human resources.

Thus, you can easily review the candidate’s language skills, character, or special skills in a few minutes!

Just tell us if you’re looking for a specific skill, and we’ll post your recruitment to the platform.

Exclusive Payroll and Accounting Services

BPOSeats provides payroll and accounting services to all these mandatory government benefits of your employees.

In this way, you do not have to handle the manual computation of your employees’ payroll that is more prone to errors and omissions. 

Now skip the demanding process of monitoring your employee’s performance assessment and updated pay.  As BPOSeats has developed a system that tracks the punctuality and productivity of your employee in their daily activities 

Our unique time tracking system allows you to capture your employees’ activities, track daily attendance, and archives 201 file records.

Depending on the employees’ monthly salary, the system automatically calculates the payroll and its corresponding deductions of mandatory contributions per payroll period. 

From the SSS to the 13th-month pay, check your company’s regular expenses as BPOSeats accounting services provide you with all receipts and documents of your business.  

More Benefits From Cebu Seat Leasing Exclusive


More Benefits From Cebu Seat Leasing Exclusive

BPOseats is your #1 local trusted outsourcing business partner in the Philippines.

Providing you with affordable and modern seat rental facilities in the best locations in the country: Pampanga, City of Cebu, and Mandaue.

From small to large teams, you can now move-in today and do business with the greatest efficiency and productivity.

Focus on the core of your outsourcing activity, while our team manages your legal, payroll, and accounting procedures with transparency and accountability!

More Benefits From Cebu Seat Leasing Exclusive

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