The Best Customer Service Is In The Philippines

World-class customer care representatives in the Philippines

Discover how Amazon, the world’s largest online retailer, continued to support its growing customers by choosing the Philippines in providing top customer service to their loyal buyers. 


Find out how hundreds of other foreign international companies choose to outsource their customer support in the country.


Aside from Amazon, a global leader in financial services, JP Morgan is also here. 


And learn how you can, even if still a startup, can tap into the best of Filipino talents? 


The proven satisfaction of customer service and advanced skilled workforce has been the foundation of why this country is now the leader of the customer service industry. 

The Best Customer Service Is In The Philippines

In this content, we will discuss the following points: 

  1. The inherent characteristics of Filipino power in the customer service;

  2. The rise of IT/BPO industry in the country;

  3. Common industries that experienced the best in customer services in the Philippines;

  4. Why should you take advantage of the Filipino talents?

  5. Where can you find a reliable call center office? 

  6. Conclusion

1. The inherent characteristics of Filipino power in the customer service

A diverse country in Southeast Asia, with over 7600 surrounding islands, and has an incredible population of over 109 million people as of 2019 data is no other than the Philippines. 


Experienced several influences from the East and the West, so they become more adaptive to any kind of language and culture. Yet Filipinos inherent characteristics still abound these days. 


We know them for their excellent hospitality, respectful way, friendly, and often very shy to foreigners. 


Helping and caring for older family members, even extended ones, is a unique value that most Filipinos have shared over the years. 


And it does not matter their level of education, economic status, and gender, as long as they can provide something to their family or customers. 

And they encrypt this unique value in the mind of most Filipino children to learn and work harder to help support the needs of the family. 


Skills that promise higher and more stable incomes, such as teachers, nurses, assistants, and seafarers have become the imperative choice of professions for most citizens. 


Most families would teach their children the importance of completing higher education to help families eradicate hardship in the future.


So, with strong moral and ethical values, these are their weapons Filipino talents offer to local and foreign employment. 

And an extraordinary resilience to survive and to smile even in the pandemic or natural disaster. This may seem unusual to others, but it’s a very ordinary circumstance in the Philippines. 


And their insatiable curiosity to explore new opportunities, even though most of the time, the work they have is unmatched with their completed courses. 


Hence, foreigners have noticed Filipino genuine intention to provide the most satisfaction of customer service. 


And this is one reason outsourcing for customer service is unparalleled in the Philippines. Because its people inherit sympathetic character from their forefathers, which is a fundamental quality in the customer service industry.

The Best Customer Service Is In The Philippines

2. The rise of IT/ BPO industry in the country

BPO of best call center in Cebu

A cool temperament, flexible nature, and can multitask make most Filipino talents easier to get along with any type of employment. 


It’s a good thing, the Filipinos have inherited the American language, apart from using their native language, Filipino. English is one of the dominant languages for businesses in the country and the world. 


Locals of many villages would love to converse with foreigners using the English language. That is the way Filipinos show hospitality to every visitor who is new in town.


Incredibly exceptional host!


And for over two decades, the increase in outsourcing for various industries in the country has improved the quality of life of most ordinary people without having to leave the country. 


Thus, companies have increased their investment here, while the country continues to provide quality education and various technical training to prepare its people in the sector.


3. Common industries that experienced the best in customer services in the Philippines:

    • The ESL industry (English As Second Language)

    • Virtual Assistants Jobs

    • Call Centers and customer service support

    • IT and Web development/ Graphic design

    • Growing Manufacturing industry


The ESL industry (English As Second Language)

An excellent customer care ESL tutors in the Philippines

We know Filipinos for their leading customer service in the ESL industry. 

Overseas companies in Asia like Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan prefer to hire Filipino teachers apart from their affordability because of these:


  • Filipino tutors have further perseverance in teaching beginner to advanced students.

  • They often smile…

  • And they have an impressive eloquence in the English language with a neutral accent!

ESL jobs offer part-time and full-time opportunities for some Filipino tutors who are graduates in any course, some college level, and while some are still at the secondary level who teach basic English to elementary school students. 


Before the pandemic, several ESL companies built their schools in the Philippines to welcome students who want to come to the Philippines to experience firsthand the English language. 


And this further stimulates the tourism industry as most of these foreign students come to the country during their summer holidays not only to learn English but to explore the nature and wonders of the Philippines. 


Soon, when travel restrictions are lifted, the ESL industry will rebound to continue helping students around the world improve their English skills.


And they can always count on the best customer service from Filipino talents.


Virtual Assistants (VA) Jobs

Sample of a virtual assistant job in the Philippines

Virtual Assistant positions include a wide range of technical, administrative, customer service, and sales responsibilities. 


Insurance, real estate, tax compliance, accounting, and bookkeeping are some of the most common virtual works outsourced here. 


Some companies offer their staff more flexibility and better earning opportunities to their staff.

As they allow them to work at home or in the office with only five days a week and with higher salaries and incentives than local employers.


The hiring of a VA is what is most preferred for startups and growing companies, so that its owners may have more time to build their brands and not on these appalling administrative and technical procedures. 


And since most young Filipino talents are quite keen on details, and enjoy routine work, it is easier for employers to tap into them and become their VA’s. 


And since VA’s can work anywhere, they can continue to serve their clients abroad, even during the long-term lockdown. One advantage of outsourcing your clerical and administrative tasks.

The Best Customer Service Is In The Philippines

IT and Web Development/ Graphic Design

The rise in IT and digital processes in the Philippines

The Philippines ranks second (India ranks first), as the top 50 digital nations according to Tholons Services Globalization Country Index. 

Through introducing information technology (IT) and other related vocational courses in public and private institutions.

Now the country is accumulating its dividends with a good amount of skilled labor for local and foreign businesses and employment opportunities.


Thus, the growing population of the country has offered enormous advantages in the provision of IT professionals, web development, and graphic design, etc.


And the closer affiliation of Filipinos with other parts of the world such as the United States, Australia, Canada, and other European, and Eastern countries is another big reason outsourcing companies invest in them. 


The Best Customer Service Is In The Philippines

Growing manufacturing industry

A manufacturing hub in Cebu Philippines

The Philippines has become an alternative manufacturing center of China in recent years since the government improved its major roads and infrastructure. 


According to our reliable source, worldwide brands such as Polo, Ann Taylor, and Nike are already manufacturing in the country. 


So, without outsourcing, it would be impossible to harness the natural abilities of Filipino talents.


And in the future, who knows Apple would consider making their iPhone/iPad parts here too. 

The Best Customer Service Is In The Philippines

3. One of the global leader in customer service support

Call center companies that are expanding in the Philippines have changed the landscape of real estate developments and have advanced the skills and competencies of local talents. 


And with this advantage, most Filipinos would aim to improve their craftsmanship to provide world-class customer service to their target buyers. 


Most BPO/ outsourcing companies have verified that, compared to other Asian countries, the Philippines is the best choice of talent for customer service because of Filipinos inherent values, English fluency, and multitasking capabilities. 

Managers have also discovered that their local representatives look forward to working with them to help improve professional performance and deliverables on the product or service offered.


Also, they love to earn more commissions apart from their basic salary so they become more competitive and will engage to achieve their goals and even exceed KPI’s (Key performance indicators). 


And to date, the country hosts 851 registered BPO companies from the latest Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) data. 400 (46.2%) companies provide IT-related services. 

Twenty is a medical transcription business. And the nine are animation films and cartoon production houses.


4. Why you must tap the Filipino talent in providing top customer care

According to recent demographic statistics, the country’s median age is 25.7 years old.


And that means you have younger employees who can learn faster with the tools and technologies that your product or service uses. 


I met some team leaders (TL) at different call centers in Cebu who are as young as 19 and 21!


They have been amazing in their professional performance, have developed leadership skills, improved communication, and offered an infinite contribution to the table. 


Now, share your passion and excitement with these junior leaders and continue to make a difference in the lives of Filipino talent. 


And thanks to our digital technology that allows us to connect to another culture, meet new people, and share resources and opportunities for personal and career advancements. 

The Best Customer Service Is In The Philippines

5. Where can you find a reliable call center office for your customer service?

Once you’ve expanded your brand in the country for your customer service support, the next step is to find a reliable business partner to help you set up your call center office space solution. 

BPOSeats customer care center in the Philippines


Get to know as we have been helping outsourcing companies with their call center office needs. 


In key areas in Cebu City such as the IT Park, Ayala Center, in Mandaue, and Pampanga in Central Luzon. 


Reliable facilities you can use immediately as we equipped every office with the tools and technologies your Filipino talents need. 

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Why Outsourcing Customer Service is the Best in the Philippines Conclusion

These are some of the most favorable reasons leading international companies have outsourced their customer service to the Philippines. 


Startups, small and medium-sized, and large businesses who want to give more time at the heart of their business are now tapping into outsourcing customer service.


And just like Amazon and others, you can now grow your business by taking care of your customers first by providing them more value, and who can better do that other than Filipino talents. 

These companies have benefited from affordability and quality of service and deliverables to their customers. 


And they’re not looking for anywhere else in the world– but in the Philippines. 


Now, are you ready to tap Filipino’s strongest gift for customer service? 


Call now for expert support in establishing your call center company in the country from your office need to human resource solutions!

The Best Customer Service Is In The Philippines

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