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Project Management Tool For Your Remote Team in Cebu

Exclusive from the innovative tech team of, find the most reliable project management tool for your remote team in Cebu today!

If you wish to monitor the goals of your project wherever you are, provide flexibility and accountability in your team’s communication and the overall performance of the organization, then The Board’s project management (PM) solution is for you!

Whether you are a startup or a growing company in the BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) industry, using the right online tools to manage your remote workforce is fundamental to efficiency and sustainability. 

Now we’ll look at how BPOSeats’ THE BOARD Project Management Tool can effectively manage your diverse talents with one powerful online platform.

  1. The Board streamlines and optimizes your organizational management
  2. What is BPOSeats’ Time Tracking Accountability Tool?
  3. A reliable project management tool centralizes our team’s messaging system
  4. And how well-built project management ensures your team’s vision with flexibility and accountability.  
  5. Conclusion

The Most Reliable Project Management Tool For Your Remote Team

1. The Board Streamlines and Optimizes your Project Management

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Your team doesn’t need to use a lot of tools that might not fit in with each other.

The Board uses a simple, functional, and reliable project management solution from your human resources to project management. 

Project goals for every company must follow some guidelines so that each team can trace which task progresses and which one needs more time and concentration to achieve high-quality deliverables. 

The Board features three stages of project management: To Do, Doing, and Done.

To Do

Assigning a task to your team requires the creation of a card. 

  • Click ‘add new card’ and enter information such as the task description and the expected due date. 

  • Add team members you would like to work together on this task. 

  • And upload documents/attachments from your computer to support and provide more information on the assigned card.  


Follow the progress of your task assigned in the Doing section while members of your teamwork on its daily progress. 

Comment on or suggest your business ideas to help improve the performance of your team’s output.


In the last part of these easy steps, once your team has completed the assigned task, a card progresses to the Done section. 

Create a new card in the To-Do section for another task or project and the same process continues. 

This time, organizing the productivity results of your team has never been easier and more transparent as the Board streamlines and optimizes your organizational management. 

2. What is BPOSeats’ Time Tracking Accountability Tool?

Payroll transparency is essential to maintain your employees’ confidence in the workplace. 

Calculating employee payroll is a hectic job to do. And manual data export from one tool to another takes time and can lead to certain errors or omissions. 

If your accounting and payroll employees have been experiencing that repetitive scenario, it can ruin their goals by performing more tasks and your company’s time and resources over the long term. 

So you need to rehabilitate the efficiency of your regular operation and you need to use the right tools to help you put an end to these work-related inefficiencies and make the most of your talents and resources. 

Hence BPOSeats’ tech features a Time Tracking Accountability Tool that integrates with The Board project management solution.

In this way, your accounting and payroll are done transparently in the online system based on the employee’s total number of hours worked times the hourly rate paid on each payroll period. 

The system easily calculates mandatory benefits and deductions which are country-specific, such as taxes, leave credits, special premiums and or commissions, etc. 

More on the Time Tracking Accountability Tool

This tool requires employees to access the system to begin recording their daily responsibilities.

Your remote team can track the minimum number of hours worked required per day and the corresponding amount of income.

It also includes the hourly rate, shift schedule, and current payroll period. 

Time Tracking special features randomly screenshot your employee’s tasks and websites visited. And this includes mouse clicks and the number of keyboard presses.

So every time employees visit banned and unproductive websites such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, among others, they will receive notifications of disciplinary actions from your Human Resources section. 

Notifications received may be read and acknowledged in the system. So, you don’t need to print any more papers and let your misbehaving employees come to your office. 

The time tracker stops counting on the number of hours worked once employees leave their desks over fifteen (15) minutes.

So, if an employee has a dispute about the total working time due to inactivity problems, he/she may file a timelog issue with a brief explanation. 

Your human resources staff will check and approve the dispute after review. 

Time tracking tool can be installed on desktop monitors for employees working in the office and downloaded to the mobile phone for those talents working on the go

3. A reliable project management tool centralizes our team’s messaging system

Transparency in communication is very important in any organization.

Now you can easily navigate through every team or department’s communication.

Since The Board centralizes your messaging system into a single powerful messaging application. 

Join in the messaging thread to any department if you would like to add some information or make a decision. Video conferencing is also available.

A centralized messaging system prohibits irresponsible side conversations that may affect the confidence and transparency of a team.

Now, you don’t need to sign up your team with Slack, Asana, Trello, Mattermost, or Skype that only offers you basic functions unless you signed up for their premium subscriptions. 

4. Well-built project management ensures your team’s vision with flexibility and accountability.

Most reliable Project Management Accountability Tool

Your organizational structure may consist of sections that include: Payroll, Accounting, Operations, Human Resources, Legal, IT, Marketing, General Services, etc. 

The Most Reliable Project Management Tool For Your Remote Team

Quickly add or remove a member of a department when a new employee enters or when someone resigns.


Today, most people require flexibility in their employment. Depending on their current position, they may opt to work from home or office at a time when they are more comfortable and feel the most productive. 

And while offering flexibility with your remote talents is necessary, it is also your opportunity to hold each one of them accountable to your organization. 

This means periodically quantifying the results of their achievements to maintain the purpose and vision of your organization that relies on each function. 

As Business Psychologist Andrew Sillitoe addressed: “A team with purpose is more innovative, diverse and agile to any organization. 

Thus the Board ensures your company and your talents work together in a unique ecosystem, as we ensure maximum flexibility and accountability on both parties. 

5. Conclusion

Project Management Tool For Your Remote Team in Cebu

“Rethink that everybody can thrive and operate in their full potential– Andrew Sillitoe continues. 

In an era of enormous digital disruption and remote labor, adapting to these modern technologies to remain competitive and relevant in your market is a crucial step that every enterprise must take. 

Together, let’s create a landscape for a sustainable and profitable industry. The Board Project Management is now your key engine to easily adapt and thrive in the outsourcing market.

The Board technology is now being used in the remote talent of BPOSeats from Asia and Africa

The Board technology is now being used in the remote talent of BPOSeats from Asia and Africa. 

Provide our staff with the most reliable project management tool that offers everything they need for communication and collaboration.

Now get your free access to the most reliable project management tool to prepare your remote talent for the future today!

The Most Reliable Project Management Tool For Your Remote Team

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