What Sets BPOSeats.com Apart From Others?

What Sets BPOSeats.com Apart From Others?

BPOSeats.com continues to streamlined its seat leasing and technological solutions that sets them apart from their competitors.

Learn more about the King of Seat Leasing in Cebu!

With over 6 years presence and with over 8000 seats available in Cebu City to Angeles Pampanga.

Thus, BPOSeats.com has  placed itself to be the # 1 BPO Seats Option, Call Center Workplace, Serviced Workplace and Seat Leasing choice in Cebu, Philippines.

Cuztomizable & exclusive office space solution

And what sets us apart from the other seat leasing providers is a design that chooses to produce customized unique areas for each of our customers.

From 1 seats to 8000, we develop special workplaces that you can run independently within.

Without being on a “shared” flooring with other projects or organizations.

Your chosen office space is yours alone 24/7 to ensure your data privacy and protection.

And even after your employees are done with their shifts, no one is allowed to use your office other than your business.

Best tools and technologies for your business

BPOSeats.com provides only the fastest and the best tools for your business and employees so they can achieve optimal efficiency and productivity.

  • Brand new computers, laptops by request, well-maintained workstations, tables and chairs, and more.
  • Triple 150 MBPS high-speed internet that’s upgradeable to 1000 MBPS to ensure your team won’t experience any downtime.
  • Also a 24/7 IT and admin support, 24/7 generator access are standby on your site to assist your technical needs.

Friendly Customer Support

What Sets BPOSeats.com Apart From Others?

At BPOSeats.com, you will be dealing with the most vibrant, versatile and effective individuals that is accountable for a smooth circulation of our  transactions.

Hospitable Filipino employees are quick ready to assist your needs!

Whether for office cleaning, fixing light and water, AC’s, and other maintenance requirements at no cost.

That’s how BPOSeats.com sets apart from others!

Seat leasing is the very best option to set-up for start-up and  for even regional and foreign BPOs and other call center businesses.

Not just is it problem-free and affordable, with less upfront capital requirements, these seat leasing alternatives does not need pricey start-up and functional costs.

You simply got to run your service and we will supply you with whatever you would perhaps require.

With the exception of straight-out owning your workplace completely, leasing your very own devoted business workplace supplies you with the most liberty to do exactly what you desire.


So whether you’re seat-leasing, or asking us to run your project, feel confident that you will have the very best expert special environment for your organization to grow.

Any nature of company you remain in, we are here to assist, guide and offer you all throughout the whole procedure of you constructing your empire

We accommodate your requirements, we provide spaces/seats for you just as when you’re beginning your business.

The recruitment, payroll, features and whatever, name it we are a one stop store business deal for you.

Develop your empire with us.

With Cebu’s rise to popularity, extraordinary distinction of workplace from then to now, and its high rising industrialized structures, you’re definitely arriving in stepping up your service video game.

Toss all those concerns and problems away for BPOseats.com is here to make it much easier and practical for you.

We are simply at your back and simply one call away!

Reserve your seat leasing / call center office now!

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