Skills Young Filipino Should Learn Today To Remain Globally Competitive

STEM — These are the top skills young Filipino generation should focus on helping our nation continue to progress not only in customer service excellence but in technical- AI-empowered ready skill sets.

The top countries in Asia that invested in the future according to a recent study include South Korea, Japan, China, India, and Israel. 

Hence, they have become one of the most digitally resilient in the world, especially when Covid-19 disrupts almost every physical interaction and turns to digital transformation in a split second.

So now let’s talk about top skills every young Filipino should learn today to sustain its relevance globally.

Why the government should take priority on funding the best tools, quality-approved learning modules for K-12 learners, and access to affordable higher education for all citizens.

Conduct various technological advancement experimentation to prepare the future on digital innovation, sustainability, and fight another possible economic instability. 

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What is STEM~ is for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. 

These professions need intense knowledge, training, and experience in various fields of specialty, creativity, passion, commitment, productivity, and problem-solving. 

That’s why, in a country such as the Philippines, both private and public sectors should go hand in hand to produce a more relevant approach to its education system in a way our future digital economy can best take advantage of. 

With widespread talents and experts in STEM graduates offers an enormous return of investments the Philippine government can take. 

Looking back, it was the graduates from business schools and white-collar jobs who were leading in finding various income opportunities in business and the workplace. 

But today, scientists, engineers, technology experts, and math geeks have replaced business graduates to fill in services and present solutions to humanity’s greatest problems. 

IT and software development experts play important roles in transforming business efficiency and productivity. 

Also, in the former days, companies advertised their products either on TV, in print, or on enormous billboards.

But now social media has changed the way companies and customers interact.

Online advertising is cheaper and can reach various target demographics, and this tool can provide feedback and analytics like never been easier before!

That’s why problem-solvers such as the likes of Bill Gates, the late Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, and Jack Ma, have amassed billions of dollars of profits.

#STEM–Skills Young Filipino Should Learn Today To Remain Globally Competitive

Because of their inventions, creative marketing, and entrepreneurial spirits, and they are independent engineers and marketing experts.

Hence, more and more demands are made for training for STEM professions.

But only a few developed countries have forecasted its attention and are investing in it today.

In Asia, India’s IT and BPO industries are always on the top on various surveys held as one of the futuristic and most digitalized cities in the world. 

Backed by huge financial support from their government and quick access to various technological events and exposures motivates ingenuity and creativity of its citizens.

Since the Indian government objectively promotes entrepreneurship and productive inventions, they inclined citizens to build startup companies from within rather than investing in other countries. 

This resulted in increasing various income-generating opportunities to its national economic prosperity.

To break vast gaps in technological access among Filipino youths

Skills Young Filipino Should Learn Today To Remain Globally Competitive

There has been a tremendous gap in technological access during the onslaught of the Covid-19 pandemic, especially in the Philippines. 

If the government can take its biggest takeaway from this economic tragedy, that is to prepare its next generation for innovation, adaptation, and sustainability so that we left no one behind when the next pandemic comes. 

Experts revealed that when most citizens have access to direct information and quality education delivered even in the pandemic, people become more engaged, informed, and economic recovery is faster than expected.

In my observation, only those students coming from well-to-do parents and private entities had the privilege to continue their distance learning through digital transformation. 

Thus, by concerted efforts of government agencies to break these massive gaps in digital technology access.

We are opening doors for our less privileged but deserving students to continue crafting their soft and technological skills. 

After all, education is and will always be a right and privilege for every Filipino.

The necessity to learn technical skills to remain competitive

As one of those people who are scared and worried about when a time comes when learning machines will replace our day jobs. 

It is already happening today, evidently, and only at the right time will tell that human labor can be eliminated. 

Although many people still debate on this one, it is way better to prepare our young talents for some specialized skills to offer solutions to various problems and or fill in the need of lacking services today and in the future.

And for this reason, that investing to upgrade our future workforce’s soft and hard skills applies to the demand of the future.

Focusing on science and technology, engineering, medicine, and or agriculture sustainability that are relevant needs to the rising population in the country.

So as early in their elementary and secondary years of education, future Filipino leaders and citizens will collectively prepare for stability for our nation’s growing economy. 

Learning from other developing countries that lead massive technology and innovation development in various fields to support the balance of our economic system.

This includes but not limited to E-commerce, online education, online payment, space travel, outsourcing IT/ BPO/, software development, cybersecurity, e-waste management, among others.

Preparing young Filipino for top skills and digital innovation today 

Preparing young Filipino talents for digital innovation 

Filipinos’ inherent nature of tolerable demeanor, respect, and the ability to become instantly flexible in communication. 

These unique skill sets have become their leading advantages to become the most preferred choice of customer service representatives in the BPO industry.

The call center/ contact center industry has since transformed the country to develop its ordinary citizens to become globally competitive delivering top customer service. 

It was a very stable industry, where millions of Filipinos were employed in top Fortune 500 companies expanding to the Philippines. 

Until the pandemic has overturned some outsourcing businesses and is forced to stop operating because of travel restrictions and health safety regulations. 

Aviation, online hotel bookings, and leisure activities that employed hundreds of Filipino employees were shortly interrupted, causing enormous amounts of losses and surged of unemployment rate.

The lack of initiatives and support for innovative preparedness is one of the underlying problems that resulted in unequal access to privileges for younger learners. 

Hence, Covid-19 should become our greatest lesson to create innovative, digitized, and sustainable solutions to counter any ill effect of a pandemic.

As Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray envisioned, “equal access to quality education so that everyone will rise and grow as a progressive nation”. 

Preparing our young Filipino talents for various scientific and engineering skills, not just for customer service excellence.

Skills Filipino youth need to learn that pays for the nation’s future and economy

In the Philippines, most of the graduates come from various professions such as teachers, nurses, IT, and or computer related courses but landed jobs in call center companies.

Since most call of these BPO companies offer higher pay and benefits, they lured most young graduates and skilled professionals to work in non-related expertise.

And the lack of backup funding support has limited local entrepreneurs to lead the country to IT and or BPO leadership positions. 

And this has significantly affected the technological innovation and advancement of Filipino talents. 

A country that exports human resources professionals in teaching and nursing but not in technological exploration. 

Affordability and the flexibility of Filipinos’ talents could become more attractive when our solid skills in IT, software, engineering, and the digital revolution are at par with the world’s standards. 

But there is still hope and ample time for the government to start now. 

The continuous rising in the population is one vital element for the stability of our nation. 

There is something that needs to be done by the government and its people. 

Collaboration with the department of education to offer specialized skills and upskilling our current workforce must follow and be implemented not just in major cities in the Philippines but in remote areas as well.

We’ve already invented our very own satellite and made important contributions to the evolution of medicine, modern science and technology.

Some of the country’s graduates are now receiving scholarships at several prestigious universities abroad.

And this alone confirms that there are promising engineers and mathematical geeks in the country that our leaders must discover and nurture before another nation can take advantage of the excellence and potential of these students.

Where to get scholarships grants in private and public sectors for skilled Filipino?

Where to get financial assistance/ scholarships findings in the private or public sector

The University of the Philippines offers various scholarships for undergraduate students who are committed to become what they want to be.

And will uplift the economy of the country through access to quality education. 

They have grants on technical skills advancement such as IT, computer science, agriculture, and engineering. 

Check out updated information on their website here.

And some private schools in the country have partnered with different universities abroad so their local students can apply for internships in another country before completing their degrees. 

The University of San Carlos (USC) accounting management division sends some of its students to North America. 

While the Cebu University in Balamban campus agricultural science department goes to the Netherlands to immerse their students in the application of their courses.

The Department of Science and Technology ( DOST ) has also granted post-graduate scholarships and internships for agriculture and environmental management studies. 

Since almost every country in the world predicts they expect population growth to double by 2050, innovation in agriculture and food processes also promises income-generating opportunities. 

Filipino technology entrepreneurs in the Philippines

Get to know some of these breakthrough tech entrepreneurs who were brave enough to uncover the unlimited potentials of Filipino talents even with limited financial resources and support.

Top 11 tech companies based in the Philippines young Filipino talent can be inspired to join. Source.

And the goal in the coming years is to improve our technical and analytical skills to attract more diverse investments in the country.

  1. Zennya
  2. Sprout solutions
  4. Kalibrr
  5. mClinica
  6. Ayannah
  7. Squadzip
  8. engageSPARK

Get to know

A startup company composed of IT and computer engineering graduates from various universities in Cebu province. 

Building custom-based solutions for offshore companies that rely on remote teams and the right technologies that offer flexibility and accountability. 

Human resources, payroll tech, and project management are what works closely with the Filipino team today. 

Meet our team of full-time software developers in our next blog!

Skills Young Filipino Should Learn Today To Remain Globally Competitive Conclusion

The Philippines’ future economy will depend on the investments it has made today. 

Strategic planning for innovation and sustainability must start today to remain globally- competitive or else remain stagnant and lose sight from other developing Asian countries.

Real estate developments, road construction and repair, transportation, and communication accessibility are just one of them. 

And by improving human work skills, providing broad technical and analytical skills in modern science and technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) play a key role in its long-term progressive goals.

Government and financial institutions to support technological entrepreneurs who develop various solutions for many industries.

Transforming our business processes in government and private transactions to speed up multiple income-generating opportunities.

This will cause a dynamic economy in which the private and public sectors collaborate to remain globally competitive and every citizen has equal access.

Drawing inspiration from our neighbor country, one of the best producers of education in Asia and the world, Singapore.

” If one educates children well, they grow up to be great leaders and its serves the country”.

Because a growing population should become an advantage when its people are not dependent on aid from the government. 

Instead, citizens become engaged, productive, and significant contributors to the progress of their personal and national economic development. 

Ultimately, to become globally competitive talents and we leave no deserving Filipino behind. 

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Skills Young Filipino Should Learn Today To Remain Globally Competitive

Skills Young Filipino Should Learn Today To Remain Globally Competitive

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