Your Office, Online Tools, Trusted Partners, & Custom Solutions to Scale Efficiently Today

Discover how you can scale your business with ease through a global office, online tools, and trusted partners who offer your custom solutions.

So let’s get to know more about BPOSeats services to help your startup and growing business scale up with ease.

Why do you need a local partner for your office need?

Ever wonder how leading companies such as Amazon, Facebook, Google, JP Morgan have thrived and continued serving their global customers despite the pandemic?

That’s because they are taking advantage of affordable global offices and talents from the Philippines. 

The Philippines, along with India, Africa, and South America, has become one of the leading outsourcing destinations in the world.

Supporting the growing demand for businesses to leverage affordable global solutions for profitability and scalability.

But you don’t need to become like Amazon or Google to harness global solutions.

Because supports startups and small and medium enterprises to scale their business today.

By using reliable seat leasing offices for your offshore team in Cebu, Mandaue, and Angles Pampanga. 

But how do you build an offshore team?

Through Trusted Partners, we can support you to build a team of a handful to hundreds to offer your custom solutions by using the BPOSeats Tech ~ online accountability tools.

Your hassle-free office setup

There are several seat leasing and office space providers in the country that you can choose from for your offshore team. 

Choose the best that suits your interest and offers you flexibility and accountability. 

The goal of BPOSeats seat leasing services

To provide a quicker, hassle-free global office setup for any companies offering back-office support for their customers anywhere else in the world.

BPOSeats started in 2014 as a quick response to the need for the growing demand for cost-effective, plug-and-play call center offices, particularly in the cities of Cebu, Mandaue, and Angeles Pampanga.

Ideal for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to large IT/BPO corporations wanting to build an offshore team in the Philippines. 

Because this is where top talents in IT, software development, virtual assistant services, ESL (English as a Second Language), and other customer services support are. 

The Filipino’s flexibility and accountability in the workplace have become indispensable in the thriving IT / BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) industry.

And is in every step of the way as you wish to build your global office in the country.

Reliable office for your customized business needs

BPOSeats has over 8000 seats available and offers quick and efficient customization of your office based on the number of your teams. 

So, whether you’re a startup or growing business, who needs: 

  • A team for consumer support in e-commerce, real estate, insurance, hospitality, banking, telecommunications, etc.
  • Need a small team to build your website so you can launch your product or service.
  • Need marketing and a sales team to help scale your business.
  • A team to help with your accounting, payroll, and administrative needs, etc.
  • A team for animation, transcription, virtual assistants, ESL (English as a Second Language) services, etc

Affordable monthly rates for your 1-2000+ team members

As low as $130-$219 per seat, BPOSeats provides state-of-the-art office space equipped with the most important tools each of your employees need, such as 

  • Computers/ Laptops with accessories, Windows 10 (OS) plus upgradeable specs
  • 24/7 Backup generator
  • 24/7 Live IT and admin support
  • 24/7 Exclusive use of your office to ensure data safety and privacy
  • 24/7 Building security, CCTV, and an RFID system installed at your office door
  • Free professional daily cleaning services
  • Access to the BPOSeats Tech ~ Time Tracker and HQZen, online tools to help track your team’s accountability. 
  • HR Support 
  • Legal Support
  • Monthly leasing agreement available

Supporting your team grow with ease in your office lease

Offering your business with PEZA (Philippine Economic Zone Authority) accredited facilities, one (1) in Ayala Center Cebu (ACC) and three (3) inside IT Park, Cebu City.

Air-conditioned rooms with sound control from your production floor, manager’s, meeting room, clinic, pantry, to your cozy lobby.

You can start with a small team of 1-5, 10-15 members, depending on your project needs.

And just add more seats when you’re ready to expand and you’re hiring more employees.

Also, request to customize your office based on your preferences.

Call today and tell us when you would like to start your campaign.

Since most of our call center offices for leasing are fully functional and ready to use when necessary.

Ready to reserve your office? Quick virtual tour here:

And is in every step of the way as you wish to build your global office in the country today.

Online Tools

BPOSeats Trusted Partner, composed of software developers from the Philippines and Africa.

They designed innovative online tools such as a Time Tracker and HQZen that your offshore team can use to track accountability, whether they work from home or office.  

What is a Time Tracker? 

BPOSeats Time Tracker records your employees’ shift schedule, hourly rate, corresponding earnings, and total hours of work in a 5-day requirement.

Also tracks your team’s assigned tasks, and it integrates with our payroll solution, making payroll computation a walk in a park.

What is HQZen?

HQZen is a productivity tool helping the business efficiently manage teams because it streamlines communication and tracks project goals completion.

Now, easily track your team’s productivity online and offer suggestions that best present your custom solutions. 

Use these accountability tools for your offshore team today! Mission Statement

To provide an efficient, hassle-free global office in the Philippines for every company wanting to build an offshore team to support their customer’s custom solutions.

Why do you need a local partner for your office need?

Setting up a business office in another country can be challenging.

They need several paper works to submit to different local authorities before you can legally start your business.

And because we want to provide every investment opportunity with convenience, BPOSeats has created a team of trusted partners.

So you have a trusted team to consult to whether you need an office, human resources, and or legal support about how to conduct your offshore business in the Philippines.

This way, you cut a ministry of tasks in setting up your team’s technical needs and instead go straight to build an engaging relationship with your growing customers. Story

To become part of the solution and the quest for innovation that offers time and resources efficiency has always been the goal of

Providing a sustainable business model for every offshore company that wants to leverage the affordability of resources and talents in the Philippines.  

Our experience has taught us valuable insights on how to efficiently scale a business.

And one of them is to provide a reliable work environment for your startup and growing offshore team.

So they can focus more on achieving productivity and make your customers always happy. Personality

Custom Solutions

BPOSeats services offer custom solutions to your business needs. 

We want you to have full control and flexibility in managing your office and talents.

When you’re starting, start with a small team, and then scale up when solutions offered by your talents work best for your customers.


We continue to create innovation to keep up with the global trend.

We encourage our trusted partners to learn new skills, so they remain proactive and engaging to offer your solutions.


We uplift high moral standards and transparency in the workplace.

Above all, supporting every endeavor and motivating each team member to reach their professional and personal goals.

This way, they become more proactive in learning new things and will always contribute something valuable to the table.

Indeed, they are our best assets.



Custom solutions for your office and talents needs.


We are your global partner for success, so we continue to improve the user experience.


Top talents from emerging countries who not only offer affordability but a diversity of skills and experience that your business can leverage.


More options to scale and sustain your business from local to go global because today you have taken advantage of collaborative global solutions.

And by sharing your greatness, you empower talents from emerging countries to make a difference in their communities.

Conclusion your office, online tools, trusted partners, & custom solutions to scale efficiently today

So when you’re ready to scale up your business through a global office in the Philippines.

Since BPOSeats is your Trusted Partner to offer your online tools and custom solutions for your office and talents’ needs.

Now you can provide your offshore team better work environment so they continue to grow your customers without interruption in their online communications.

Office virtual tour:

Want to talk to the team now to learn more: Email:

US Toll Free + 1 888 808 0424

And online tools such as Time Tracker and HQZen offer support to your Trusted Partners and growing teams to become more accountable and motivated to see the progress of your project goals. 

Because our goal is for you to join Amazon, Facebook, and Google to take advantage of affordable global solutions, so your business thrives on a global scale today.

Your office, online tools, trusted partners, and custom solutions
Your global team in the Philippines

Your office, online tools, trusted partners, and custom solutions
BPOSeats is your local business partner for your offshore team in the Philippines.

Your office, online tools, trusted partners, and custom solutions
Complete office setup for your offshore team in Cebu and Pampanga, Philippines.

Your office, online tools, trusted partners, and custom solutions
Meeting room for your team to use in brainstorming activities.

Your office, online tools, trusted partners, and custom solutions
You can start with a small team of 1-5 and just add more seats as you scale your business.

Your office, online tools, trusted partners, and custom solutions
A Time Tracker for your offshore team free to use with BPOSeats.

Office, Online Tools, Trusted Partners, & Custom Solutions to Scale Efficiently
HQZen unique feature to help track project goals, timelines, and your team’s communication.

Your office, online tools, trusted partners, and custom solutions
BPOSeats Trusted Partners help your team’s technical needs so you can focus on producing results in your business.

Your office, online tools, trusted partners, and custom solutions
Your local Filipino talents present your custom solution and you select which one works best.

Your office, online tools, trusted partners, and custom solutions
BPOSeats distributed teams in Africa to help your business go global with ease.

Your office, online tools, trusted partners , and custom solutions to help scale your business to go global today.
Hello from the other side.
Now you can enjoy that much time and freedom because you can rely on BPOSeats flexibility and accountability to help scale your business to go global today.

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