BPO Careers - Cebu, Philippines

Get yourself  a BPO Job

Get yourself  a BPO Job! At BPOSeats.com we actively recruit potential employees for our clients.  Recently, BPOSeats.com launched a recruitment hub in APM Mall. Prospective applicants are invited to proceed to our recruitment hub daily to go through our recruitment-flow.  Sound familiar?  Well maybe that part does, but what BPOSeats.com does next is truly exceptional:…

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Reasons Why Seat Leasing With BPOSeats Is Ideal

Reasons Why Seat Leasing With BPOSeats Is Ideal for Your Business. If you’re a startup BPO company and are looking for a call center seats or workplace for lease in Cebu City, BPOSeats.com is a wise option. Below are the Benefits: First off: Location. PEZA Accredited Facilities: BPOSeats.com now has 10,000 seats across five locations in Cebu…

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Seat Leasing with Customized office space at BPOseats.com

When people of think Seat leasing they think of one floor and multiple businesses operating in a shared environment.  But that is not the BPOseats.com model.  We provide exclusive offices for each of our clients.   Wether a client is in need of 5 seats or 1,000 seats we have the capacity to accommodate the…

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