BPO Careers - Cebu, Philippines

Get yourself  a BPO Job!

At BPOSeats.com we actively recruit potential employees for our clients.  Recently, BPOSeats.com launched a recruitment hub in APM Mall.

Prospective applicants are invited to proceed to our recruitment hub daily to go through our recruitment-flow.  Sound familiar?  Well maybe that part does, but what BPOSeats.com does next is truly exceptional:

You are applying for thousands of JOBS.

Time is highly valuable for everyone. Applicants have to go from one company to the other. We understand your time is valuable, and you really don’t want to spend it moving around jeepneys all day applying for jobs one-by-one.

How people apply for a job in the BPO industry hasn’t changed since. Slow burning and time consuming are the best words to describe it. We have watched how BPO applicants are handled over the years in Cebu and we knew we needed to change how it works.

With this innovative approach we are creating, we hope to change the entire process.  At BPOSeats.com, you do one interview, for 1000s of jobs.

Here’s how it works to apply for a BPO job with BPOSeats.com:

  1. Show up at our recruitment hub together with your resume/bio.
  2. Digitally re-create your resume/bio.
  3. State your preferred salary.
  4. Conduct a filmed interview.
    BPO Careers - Cebu, Philippines
    BPO Careers – Cebu, Philippines
  5. Edit the footage for you.
  6. Employers from around the world can view your BPOSeats.com video and profile and select you for your job.
  7. These employers will have your video, our HR analysis, your online resume, as well as your salary request to view and see if you’re the perfect match for their next campaign.

The greatest part of recruitment with BPOSeats.com is that it only takes a single interview for your to get that job.

Partake in our one recruitment session in our recruitment hub now. Get yourself instantly in-front of thousands of active employers seeking to recruit the best talents out there!

It couldn’t be more efficient.  This means you’ll be spending less time on commuting and more time fielding offers from employers looking to hire you now!

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