The Forum — #1 Tool Needed For Your Teams Professional Communication

Professional communication is vital for your team to achieve efficient results in any task given. But do you need to buy expensive messaging tools to ensure professional communication to take place? Meet Forum.


The Forum to disrupt ineffective communication of your teams

Your teams made up of different people may use several languages for informal communication. 

And as the leader of your team or business, you want to make sure that your employees communicate professionally as part of your corporate culture and values.

The way your talents communicate with your customers affects your business. And the way you can measure the results of your projects is through the professional communication of your employees.

Losing vital information wastes time and resources. So focusing on your core communication is essential in every business operation.

For this reason, you want to ensure that your teams observe transparency with their problems and the solutions offered. 

Creating channel groups for specific teams helps to spread information to each member. 

While the primary goal of the channel groups is to connect people in one medium, you still can’t be sure that every member is contributing something good to each other. 

Since your team members have different views, they may want to connect with other teams or individuals they prefer. And that’s a waste of your company’s time and resources again!

As a solution, offers Forum— a unique messaging technology that disrupts the ineffective communication of your diverse teams. 

Features of the Messaging System

  • Message Alert — a team member receives an alert icon to see incoming messages from all departments.
  • Messaging Team —easily send a message to your team through this feature.
  • Messaging HR —a direct messaging system to your internal HR.
  • Messaging Townsquare — the main discussion thread for all team members.

Integrated to its online HRIS tool that records the communications of your teams. Wherever they’re working from home or office. 

This way, each of your team members will now use their working time effectively. 

They will present the progress of their projects worked for before the end of the day. As the system takes random screenshots of their work, thus ensuring their accountability to your company.

The Forum for transparent team communication 

The Forum — #1 Tool Needed For Your Teams Professional Communication

Removing discomfort in communicating with your talents as the Forum promotes transparency and collaboration to achieve the desired results of your projects.

The tool discourages side chat and discusses issues unrelated to the achievement of the company’s target project. 

So your employees are now more focused on their productivity and communication efficiency by using only one technology— The Forum.

BPOSeats has built a powerful messaging system — an online chat tool for your team’s professional communication!

Because a tool to centralize your team’s professional communication is key to achieve efficient results of any project goals. 


The Forum — #1 Tool Needed For Your Teams Professional Communication

Simply one tool for your team’s growing communication efficiency. 

Now no need to buy different platforms for diverse teams as BPOSeats the Forum is all you need.

Try it free today!

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