A successful BPO needs an Exclusive Office for Rent in Cebu

BPOSeats.com has over 4000 seats across 4 locations.  But we don’t do “shared” environments because we know they simply don’t work.  When you have a “shift” and other people come in and use your computers, it means significantly less productivity.  In order for your business to grow, its essential you rent an exclusive office for rent in Cebu.

But Most exclusive offices for rent are expensive

At BPOSeats.com our pricing per seat is the most competitive in the country.  We have over 100 exclusive offices ranging from 5 seats to 500+.  We are absolutely confident that across our 4 facilities in Cebu, we can find a perfect match for any price-point.

Onael Building begins at $99.00 a seat.

JDN Square begins at $130.00 a seat.

GAGFA Tower begins at $169.99 a seat.

Seats Leasing in Ayala
Seats Leasing in Ayala

Ayala ACC Tower begins at $225.00 a seat.

The prices we have listed are for EXCLUSIVE OFFICES for rent.  This is not a shared floor.  This is not a “shift” within a room.  This is for 24/7/356 managed office solutions.

You will save considerable capital by working with us.  Most importantly we offer extreme flexibility with all our clients.  You don’t need to sign a 2 year lease (although you can if you like!)  If your business is going to be ramping up in the near future, work with BPOSeats.com and see the flexibility we offer.  We can allow you to change rooms among the one-hundred-plus exclusive offices for rent.  This means you have instant scalability for your business.  You can grow.  You can be flexible.  You don’t need to lock-in to 5 year leases and worry about what happens as you achieve growth.

When you work with BPOSeats.com, you have one major part of your business that you don’t need to worry about anymore.  This mean you can spend more time focused on business development and revenue-generation.

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