Outsourced office solutions is the most cost effective way to go. Bposeats.com has a proven track record in providing cost effective outsourced office solutions. from recruiting to profiling and custom building your office space to fit your preference.Our primary focus is on providing the right  fit for your company so that you will never have to look at going anywhere.if you have been looking to start your own BPO or even outsource your office  we here at bposeats.com have you covered. More reliable services for your business, less downtime and better productivity is something we take pride in.

with our I.T. Personnel standby 24/7 never have downtime and ensure the most availability possible – less time lost by staff, less inconvenience for clients.

Thanks to much hard work and commitment by our staff, we’re now proudly PEZA accredited. the great thing about our organization is that we do not required a minimum or maximum amount of seats to start we accept anyone who is ready to start and can give them access all we will require is a deposit and you can start right away. from a shared space t an exclusive office we have it all at bposeats.com its outsourcing made easy.

Seats Leasing in Ayala
Seats Leasing in Ayala

outsourcing office solutions made easy here at bposeats.com. we are spread out over 4 different locations and they are all in the city. with over 4000 seats available the biggest in Cebu City easily crushing the competition in price,professionalism, delivery, response time and internet speed. at Present there is nothing we can’t take on,we are about to launch a new site right in the heart of Cebu Business Park which will be perfect for your business.

The overall advantage we offer has brought a lot of companies to come work with Bposeats.com.  extreme cost advantage over other seat leasing comanies which is the key differentiator for any business looking to outsource offices, making  bposeats.com the much cherished outsourcing destination. come work with us today speak with the CEO herself!




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